Food for thought.

The “Restructuring” being forced upon a very reluctant North is totally different from the dummy the North is willing to accept, on terms to be dictated by the North.

However, there will be no letting by the forces that have the Caliphate’s Sole Title Deed over Nigeria – 1999 Constitution in a “pinfall”and “chokehold,” until that Document breathes its last and all the fraudulent benefits it conferred upon the Caliphate, reversed, retrieved or extinguished, including the 36-States Structure, the 774 LGs roguery, the 68-Item Exclusive List, and most importantly, the egregious falsehood that “We the Peoples of Nigeria* signed off our “Sovereignty” the the Caliphate-owned “Suzerainty” called “Nigeria”.

Let no one make any mistakes about this, “any Restructuring that does not begin with the complete official jettisoning of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution will be considered and treated as the bogey and dummy it is, by the Self-Determination Collective especially of Eastern Nigeria”

Accordingly, all those in from the East, aiding the Caliphate/enemy to sell such a dummy to the rest Nigeria at this time should know that they are completely at the service of the “Status Quo” seeking to retain the Master-Servant Nigeria, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

A “Federation” is a “Union of Constitutions”. Nigeria became one Country on the basis of being a Federation of 3 largely Autonomous Regions.

Nigeria ceased to be a “Federation” since the 1966 truncation and jettisoning of the 5 Constitutions that defined the Federation.

The demand by the then Eastern Region that the “basis of the Federation be restored” was what went to Aburi for resolution in January 1967.

The agreement reached in Aburi was kicked aside and “Force” was applied to unilaterally redefine the “Federation” in genocidal circumstances that cost Eastern Nigeria over 3.5million lives, followed with the total confiscation of its vast assets of Eastern Nigeria including Oil/Gas and huge Maritime Space, by the Caliphate enforcers to date, by virtue of the “Constitutional Instruments” imposed between May 27, 1967 and May 29, 1999.

The “compendium” of the Decrees by which those bloodsoaked impositions were enacted is the Document currently labelled the “1999 Constitution” and all efforts by the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, (especially the Eastern Half of its South) to resolve and reverse these impositions had been met by the arrogant Caliphate retort that the Terms of Nigerian Union were now “Nonnegotiable” and that the Union itself was now *Indivisible* and “Indissoluble”.

The “Self-Determination” Campaign, launched by that rest of Nigeria, led by the LNC, Niger Delta Agitation Groups and the various “Biafra Agitation Groups,” has reached the tipping point where the first casualty is that Caliphate-imposed “One-Nigeria” defined by the so-called 1999 Constitution and that is the nightmarish “Fait Accompli”to which the Caliphate is reacting by their sudden chant of “Restructuring” but still playing their jaded brinkmanship game by talking about elections that will be premised on the obnoxious 1999 Constitution instead of coming down from their high horse to unconditionally negotiate the reinstatement of the Federation they damaged.

If after waiting for *Restructuring*for 50 years after Aburi 1967, we refuse to learn that with the Feudalist Civilization, there is only “Master” and “Servant” or that with “Sharia” the infidel must be killed or brutally subjugated, then we must be under some thick spell.

Those who wish to market Bafarawa have not told us where they will keep Buhari and El-Rufai and the rest of the cabal that have INEC and all the Arms of State in their War-Chest, such that their schemes will prevail.

The LNC and its Associates will treat all discussions of “Restructuring” that do not expressly commit to the immediate wholesale easing out of the 1999 Constitution, as hokum, spewed by the agents of the Status Quo.

Tony Nnadi


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