H.E. Governor Okorocha, the over N500m ZUMA statue, and the South East leadership problem:

I think until we truly get interested in politics to the point of being part of the *selection process*, we may likely remain in this situation of having bad leadership in the South East in the foreseeable future. I have read and heard many blame the masses for the election of bad leaders for the SE and I strongly defer. I do not think masses or the populace are to blame.

While it is good to tell every Igbo adult to get his or her voters card to enable them vote, i strongly believe that when we miss it *at the selection stage* we cannot correct it *at the general election stage*. The general election is simply a *validation stage* of the entire election process not a *choice stage*.

I strongly suggest we rethink this to help us come up with a more result oriented strategy in selecting relatively good leaders for Alaigbo, without which Alaigbo will not experience any meaningful development.

Igbo elders and its Intelligentia should come together and be part of this selection process at the various parties otherwise *the establishment* and *our enemies* will keep giving us the kind of leaders they want us to have and not the kind of leaders we need.

*Once again I don’t think we should be blaming the masses for validating a choice they were not part of*. I believe that it’s the responsibility of Igbo elders and the Intelligentia to help provide *good choices* for the masses *to validate*.

Let’s not also forget that the establishment. to a great extent controls the judiciary that even when the masses seem to have validated a *better evil* from the choices already made, the establishment will use both rigging and the judiciary to affirm their position. 2015 Abia governorship election on my mind.

Please, I think *Nzuko Umunna* really need to take a critical look at this and see how we can gradually negotiate ourselves away from bad leadership in Alaigbo if we believe a revolution is not needed now. If we do not make one of these choices and act or work towards it, I think we will only be deceiving ourselves to say we want to see change in Alaigbo.

*We need a shift in our mindset and thinking of what the reality truly is so we can proffer and bring about the right and desired changes in the political leadership of Alaigbo.*

*Solving the political problem of Alaigb should start with us first*.

My two pence.


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