The Emerging Trend in Southeast Nigeria by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

There comes a time in someone’s life when certain decisions (even very painful and non-palatable ones) are made after intensive sober reflection, self assessment and re-evaluation. This could be spontaneous or brought about by certain circumstances that might be planned or coincidental. But whatever the case, like in a situation where a man being not happy with situations around him summoned himself for a meeting, there’s always indelible marks (positively or negatively) for posterity.

When a man toes the path of infamy, he becomes an object of caricature but when a government chooses to be divisive and sectional, treating some people with disdain and subjugation for the advantage of others, it loses relevance and respect to become notorious.

From every indication, events of the recent past have brought about some radical but inevitable changes in the mindset, thought processes and lives of most people from eastern Nigeria especially Ndigbo as it relates with the Buhari led APC federal government – and the ripple effects could only be imagined.

What started as smart political move in a winner takes it all clime, gradually metamorphosed into a shift in perception and approach in our polity. More than ever before there is a radical consciousness that is feeding the amber of division with more people aligning to the faulty line of “we against them”.

Being treated as second class citizens (or even outcast) conquered by whatever means by the government that is supposed to be just and promote unity in diversity, an average Igbo person especially the youth resolves to overcome every form of intimidation, envy, hatred and injustice from every quarter and in every place by conscious acts of self preservation, resorting to self-help and self-defense for sustenance and meaningful existence – and to do this, he puts up an attitude of rebuttal, refutation, negligence and resistance, calling it bluff to those that derive joy from inflicting pains on him – with this, he is the lord unto himself and responsible to no one! This can be, and is indeed, a factor for lawlessness with the propensity for counter productivity. Why? You cannot rape a virgin and stop her not to cry. No government can go out to destroy a people and expect undiluted loyalty. Self-preservation comes with some degree of resistance and defensive attacks.

Witnessing all the ploys and acts for absolute marginalization through total exclusion to extermination plots and attempts, the people felt no more secured and therefore adopt multi-prong survival tactics. As every channel of participatory democracy seems to close, tension grows; and with such growth, propaganda reigns – and massive deployment of propaganda results to total loss of trust and confidence in the government. With loss of trust and erosion of confidence comes the evasion of responsibility and accountability. This is very pathetic – and the people don’t care.

A trip to Igbo land exposes the level of neglect and injustice by the government but a conversation with any concerned Onye Igbo reveals the psyche and uncommon mindset of the people who refuse to be cowed and succumb to intimidation even at gun point but rather choose to see opportunity in every threat and search for advantage in every disadvantage.

Like the sick old man who recovered from terminal illness but mysteriously lost his only son, Nigeria government is the worst victim of her ill treatment of the Igbo race. Nepotism is always hatefully destructive: while it makes the victim to revolt, it gradually destroys the perpetrator through delusion and mental poison for you cannot keep someone down and expect to walk freely upright! In the same way that the man who is down fears no fall, the people whose government chose to exclude and destroy are never bothered about the existence of such government. “We are used to their pains and injustice. We exist without any benefit from the government. We have seen their worst so what next?” These and more are the type of carefree attitude the people exhibit!

Taking their fate in their hand with absolute belief in God, it is incumbent on the people to believe more in themselves, explore the world within the context of healthy competition, civility, decorum, creative ingenuity for success, providing along all basic amenities and conditions for good health and wealthy living – and with this, the sky will remain the starting point.

That there is no problem without solution, what the government denied the people, the people provide for themselves; what the government refused to do for the people, the people do for themselves. They stretch themselves beyond their limits, bringing out water even from the stone for utmost advantage of mankind.

Whatever we resolve to achieve, we can. On this note, we appeal to the conscience of every right thinking Igbo person to embrace and intensify effort towards making the “Igbo Think Home Initiative” a big success. Therefore, whatever your calling, do something, no matter how small, in Alaigbo now. If you are outside Igbo land, endeavour to open a branch of your business in Alaigbo and contribute towards meaningful job and wealth creation for our people – and to our people at home, let’s create an environment of unconditional love and be our brother’s keeper.

I have seen the vision that the Igbo land will be the most industrialized and developed zone in addition to being the most peaceful in the nearest future. I have seen the people whose triumphant march for excellence will turn every threat to opportunity to building uncommon success for all … Let’s join hand and make this happen in our time.


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