“With due respect to the Emir of Kano, the statement he made was misleading & misrepresentation of facts about the true state of Northern Nigeria.

You see, what I have been saying for a long time is that the North HAS ADVANTAGE OVER OTHER PARTS of Nigeria, in terms of population, proportion & resources. What I am saying is that Northern Nigeria *SHOULD WAKE UP TO ITS CHALLENGES, LIKE OTHER PARTS* of the Nigeria. Of course, every part of Nigeria, has its peculiar development challenges and problems, likewise Nigeria as whole.

I am an ADVOCATE of DIVIDING Nigeria, at the different levels and so DISAGREE with the Emir’s position.”

“The North SUSTAINED and CAN STILL SUSTAIN this country…, The greatest ADVANTAGE of the North over other regions, is that 75% land in Nigeria is in the North; besides Agriculture contributes 45 per cent of the GDP against Oil, which contributes only 14%. Apart from the foreign exchange which Oil provides, which in fact has always been stolen by the elites, there is nothing much more to it.

Presently, there is potential of Oil in many parts of Northern Nigeria. Let me tell you that Oil money is idle money, which Nigeria has not worked for. The only place where there is availability of work is the North because it produces a greater percentage of the FOOD WE EAT as well as THOSE USED BY SOME OF OUR INDUSTRIES. In any case, there are countries who felt they were not moving forward and decided the best was was to seperate. So, what is wrong in splitting the country?”

“You see, the Emir of Kano is a VERY YOUNG MAN. He SHOULD GO and READ the HISTORY of Nigeria. He is an Economist; and so needs to go and do a little more RESEARCH IN FACTORS for ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. North POSSESSES ALL WHAT IT TAKES to DEVELOP.”

“Northern Nigeria has land, population and CAN GENERATE CAPITAL. His views are personal, not that of Northerners. Many Northerners disagree with him. There are many documented Research Studies that revealed Northern Nigeria SUSTAINED THE ENTIRE Nigeria State between 1914 – 1974.

If one tells me that there has been irresponsible leadership in the North, I can accept that. But that is also a problem experienced in the whole of Nigeria of today.”

Prof Ango Abdullahi.


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