“Rochas Okorocha: the One Chance Bus Imo entered.

Rochas Okorocha’s new found addiction is the desperation in urgently seeking for the validation of everybody in the world except that of the people of Imo State.

Since the uproar over the Zuma statue, he has suspended the unveiling of the remaining six statues. I heard his inability to convince the other African leaders (whom he erected their statues) to accept such ‘honour’ and attend the unveiling ceremonies stalled his plans.

A man whose sense of self importance knows no bound, Rochas cannot live without making headlines. He loves the limelight to a fault, that was why he has turned his attention to the diplomatic community, inviting unsuspecting Ambassadors to the State for cheap photo-ops.

I was reliably informed that he plans to at least invite over 20 ambassadors to Owerri before the end of his tenure. The Rochas I know does nothing for nothing’s sake. Before the middle of next year, he will make known, the reasons for all these international recognition.

Some estimates, put the total costs of all the activities marking his two months long birthday celebrations in excess of N10 billion (public fund), yet here is a man who late last year intimidated, blackmailed and deliberately bulldozed thousands of aged pensioners into forfeiting their pensions to the state through the signing away of their entitlements.

And those who refused to be intimidated were blacklisted as enemies of the state whose pensions must never be paid again.

Yet Imo State has the worst intra-state roads in the whole of South East Nigeria.

Imo State has the highest number of uncompleted projects in Nigeria.

Primary Health Care delivery system is dead in Imo State.

The education system is in a state of coma. Whatever semblance of life you see is due to the vehement refusal of Ndi Imo to allow total system collapse as Rochas envisaged.

Aside from the construction of Christmas trees, roundabouts, and erection of statues, there is no capital project in the budget of Imo State since 2015 fiscal year that has seen completion.

Of the N131 billion budgeted this year, no single visible capital project can be linked to expenditure, maybe except birthday cakes, billboards, and statues. Yet N77 billion was budgeted for capital expenditure.

Inspite of the N53 billion budgeted for recurrent, he can neither meet salary obligations as at when due nor pay outstanding pensions.

Nobody can lay claim to having bound sheets of paper containing 2017 Imo State Budget either in hard or soft copy.

The Imo State House of Assembly is among the most irresponsible in Nigeria. Their mouths were effectively and efficiently shut up with one Land Cruiser Prado each to acquire their acquiescence for the fast track passing of the phony budget.

Imo State operates the most opaque budget system in Nigeria. No public input, no one can even point to the level of implementation because people dont even know what is happening, maybe except the pyramid of birthday cakes.

Things have got so bad that Rochas birthday Cakes were a major capital project of which Project Managers were contracted to work on.

The Civil Service system in Imo State has been so bastardized and politicized such that output is zero.

Because like produces like, Rochas has reproduced himself across the 27 local government areas of the State such that quality of leadership at even grassroots level is zero.

Do not be scandalised when he finally unveils the remaining six statues and we have people like Paul Biya (who perpetually lives in France), Robert Mugabe, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Dennis Sassou Nguesso, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, Madam Grace Mugabe grinning mischievously at already pauperized and disempowered people of Imo State.

Those are his role models, Zuma inclusive.

Ndi Imo, your destiny is in your hands..-

Kelechi Deca


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