SGF: You’re not a father – Ohanaeze blasts Buhari for snubbing South-east.

Ohanaeze, the umbrella body of Ndigbo, has frowned at the “continued refusal” of President Muhammedu Buhari to appoint a South Easterner as Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF.

The body said in a statement on Wednesday signed by its President General, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, lamented that Buhari has “failed again to play father figure which his office demands in presiding over a plural and divergent society as ours.”

“The President’s action has further denied the people of the region a strong place in the executive arm of the administration”, he protested.

The Ohanaeze boss expressed regret that the President by his action has failed to seize the opportunity of running an inclusive government and assuaging the feelings of Ndigbo by side tracking them again in the appointment of the SGF.

“It also shows the President’s insensitivity to the over flogged issue of marginalization of Ndigbo by his administration”

“We had thought that the recent meeting of South East leaders with the President at the Aso Rock Villa opened an avenue for a new relationship with the zone which appointing an SGF from the area would have helped to cement especially as the ruling party originally zoned the position to the region.”

Nwodo stated that the President’s remarks on the South East Ministers in his cabinet during Igbo leaders’ meeting with him, could not have been a good reason to continue sidetracking them of position zoned to them especially when such appointment would have helped to heal wounds and reconcile a disgruntled people.

Nwodo said it is saddening that the President who has had the enviable opportunity of working across the country in his military career and has been a huge player in the polity for almost two decades, cannot find somebody from the South East he can trust for the SGF position.

Ohanaeze, however, urged Buhari “to open his mind and have a positive attitude about Ndigbo whose contributions to the socio economic and political development of the country is not in doubt”.


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  1. It is true that appointments should reflect federal character as a matter of constitutional requirement.


    It is not wisdom to ask for the protection of your right to freedom of movement when your right to life is facing grave danger.

    A wise man would seek to safeguard his right to life, knowing that with that, every other thing will be added unto him.

    With much love and no disrespect to chief Nwodo, a man I feel uniquely privileged to call father, I think he need to realize that the Igbo question in the Nigerian experiment has gone beyond matters of political appointments.

    Appointments give nothing but a momentary sense of belonging to the region of the appointee.

    Our woes, which were worsened by this Daura man, have gone beyond something that can be sorted out by either political appointments or even Igbo presidency.

    As the representative of Ndigbo, Ohaneze seem very confused as to what Ndigbo want in Nigeria. That is not a good thing. As a leader, the moment you start second-guessing yourself, that is the beginning of your end.

    I expect that by now, Ohaneze should have properly articulated the true position of Ndigbo in Nigeria the way Afenifere did.

    Whispering Restructuring today, Asking for appointment tomorrow and theorizing about the beautiful nonsense called Igbo presidency the next day is the perfect definition of confusion.

    As of today, Ndigbo appear very confused as to what they want.

    Ohaneze need to stop being naive and acknowledge that Buhari has nothing but mindless disdain for Ndigbo.

    We need to protect what is left of our dignity by not begging Buhari for anything again.

    All these incessant romance with Buhari such as the Asorock visit and this press statement from Ohanaze will only rob us of what is remaining of our dignity as humans.

    Once a man looses his dignity as a human person, even his life becomes lifeless.


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