2019: Why PDP remains the best of them all.

Look at Ebonyi, Delta, Abia, Akwa Ibom, Enugu, Gombe, and other PDP states, is either they have conducted LG elections or they are preparing for it.

Yes, most governors are not interested in conducting LG elections, but the governors of PDP especially in the South East have either conducted LG elections or are gearing up for it.

The question is, what will Imo APC tell Imolites about Local government elections? Can they boldly look at Ndi Imo and say “Vote for us in 2019, we will conduct LGA elections?” The answer is No. They can not offer what they don’t have.

A PDP government will take power to the LGAs which is the grassroot within the first 3 months after swearing-in.

PDP will elect LGA chairmen who will in turn have people working for them.

The PDP will elect counsellors who will also have people working for them.

The PDP will empower Ndi Imo. There is no alternative as at today to PDP. Imolites are relaxed with the PDP. Join if you have not.

PDP wu ebe ano…


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