Dr ishaq Sani, Buhari’s Campaigner wrote:

Dear Mr President,

Thank you for rewarding our die-hard loyalty with betrayal. Before the 2015 election those who told us never to believe in you, and describe you as nepotistic, tribalistic, and called you an unrepentant fundamentalist have been vindicated. Those who ascribed your 1984 war against indiscipline and corruption fight to Gen.Tunde Iduabong did not lie.

Shortly before the 2015, I likened you with my idol Thomas Sankara, and deified you like the Greek god Apollos, but like the popular cliche ‘the leopard cannot change the colour of it’s skin’, you proved our opponents right.

Under your watch the lives of animals appear to be more sacred than the lives of humans, killer headsmen or better still unknown gun men as you would prefer them to be called are the second most deadly terrorist group in Nigeria and not IPOB as your government tried to establish.

The countless killings in southern Kaduna and other parts of the north central, has distant me from your government, however I became scared of your government when the killings got to Bassa Local government of plateau state, the local government that is housing the 3rd armoured division, which is arguably the biggest military base in the country, and no arrest was made.

Under your watch, employment into CBN, FIRS, NNPC, NIMASA, to mention a few are the exclusive reserve of the children of people around you and the bourgeois in our society, while the children of the talakawas with better grades are rewarded with end power, what a change!

Under you watch corrupt corruption only changed its tactics and swagger, like in the words of Senator Shehu Sani, you use insecticides for the opposition and deodorants for your allies.

The case of Babachir Lawal is one amongst many, I’m not impressed that you sacked Abdulrazaq Maina because the Minister of Interior and Head of Service are still in your government, the EFCC is yet to arrest anyone. Indeed Mr President you seem to me like an accident of history.

Under you watch, besides football, nothing makes us feel we are Nigerians, your utterances are as worse as your body language, there is so much hunger in the Land and you are a regret to many except those whom you have remained a permanent liability to.

Mr president, many of us lost our friends campaigning for you, we were your advocates on the streets, even at beer parlors where as a Muslim I should stay away from, we advocated for you at churches, mosques, offices, and social media where we are now silent, even your wife couldn’t stomach her dissatisfaction.

However you still have 19 months to become the Buhari we voted, you have 19 months to collect back your presidency from the hyaenas and the jackal, because Nigerians will remember you more for the problems your created rather than the ones you have solved.

We are still watching you with our PVC’s sir.


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