We live in an environment where a majority of the electorates and political party men see politics as a short path to quick riches .

This same electorates and party chieftains , who will daily lament about the absence of the dividends of democracy at most levels and arms of governance are the same folks , who will go to extreme ends to extort monies from political office aspirants and candidates for elections .

From campaign for Primaries to securing the respective parties nominations to the general elections proper , some of these same greedy folks who complain that the politicians have failed them , will mount diverse criminal and exploitative road blocks to extort tens and hundreds of millions of naira from those seeking for political offices . This is a very tragic commentary about our political and governance situations today in Nigeria .

I know of a sitting Senator today , who was stripped of everything he had from electoral contests to tribunals, so much that he could not even pay his Children’s school fees thereafter . The guy is in the Senate today . The double tragedy facing his constituents today is that apart from the fact that the guy is not creative or deeply knowledgeable enough to offer his people quality representation , he will still have to grapple with paying back all the funds he borrowed to win election and pay SANs. So who suffers ultimately?

My little incursion into the political space showed me a glimpse of how greed , gluttony, avarice and wickedness amongst a vast majority of the so called public opinion moulders and political leaders have contributed to keep Nigeria in very retrogressive state . The monies we spent over two years during those periods would have comfortably been adequate to built and furnish some substantial number of units of decent apartments in new owerri capital territory or even set up cottage factories .

So , the nagging question is …. What do we do to make public and political offices/positions less attractive ? What do we do to enlighten our people on the dangers of stomach infrastructure driven /led politics ?

We need to go back to the 1960 Federal and Regional constitutions in Nigeria . We need to make political offices a part time thing with less perks and appurtenances .

Come 2019, I shall run again . However , in this new dispensation and time, I shall not be buying fleets of SUVs and cars for coordinators /campaign chiefs . No more salaries and allowances . No more elaborate “ikwo ose”. This time around everyone must be a volunteer and contribute his or her own mite for us to redeem our land . If you are not okay with this best normal development, you can stick with the old order and then come back to continue your lamentation till 2023 .

God help us

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri, FICA


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