Food for thought.

It is so annoying and unequivocally distasteful watching Imo state and her people being treated as slaves in their own fatherland by a rampaging ranger whose paternity remains a misery in the cultural syllabus of the contemporary Igbo nation.

Rochas Okorocha is taking the entire Imo people for a ride. The resources of the state is being splashed on frivolities while the people continue to languish on total deprivation and poverty.

The governor of Imo state has failed to tackle the glaring and recurring economic woes that is currently befalling the state. There is massive unprecedented infrastructural deficit, clear decay of social amenities, kaput of governmental services and enthronement of lawlessness.

Okorocha has finally murdered sleep thru his current policy of hosting heads of states and governments of foreign countries particularly those in Africa. In the last three months, the state has been blanketed into fugi celebrations, ranging from a dented birthday celebrations that lasted nearly one month to an endless hosting of presidents of foreign countries. As we all know, the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has taken his turn, the governor spent tens of millions of dollars in hosting Zuma including erecting a sterling statue for this notorious president of South Africa who is currently facing corruption charges and criminal breach of trust in his country including multiple rape cases.

Zuma’s visit to Imo state was just to cement the relationship between Zuma foundation and Rochas foundation. The MOU, signaling the begining of a new business era, signed by the son of the governor representing the Rochas foundation and Zuma’s daughter representing Zuma’s foundation. The economic benefit of Zuma’s trip to Imo is completely zero per cent whereas Rochas and his family by signing the MOU, opened an economic frontier and corridor for investment protection and money laundering.

The current visit of the president of Liberia, Johnson Ellen Sirleaf, is the height of governmental irresponsibility. Liberia is unarguably the poorest nation on the surface of this earth, and Rochas is currently playing host to her, wasting the scarce resources and tax payers money with absolute no return on such investment. The truth is that, governor of Imo sees Liberia as a safe haven thru which laundering could be perfected and distributed to various locations.

Okorocha zoomed out of this country once upon a time with over 150 able bodied men including some of his aides then for Turkey to look for foreign investors. The government spent nearly three million dollars in facilitation and trip expenses. After nearly one and half years, we have not seen or even heard of a single Turkish investor except those dishing out Shawarma along busy road sides. Rochas has used every opportunity to display his wickedness and hatred to Imo people. There must be an end to this heinous display of recklessness one day.

My happiness today, is the current repositioning of PDP which is being spearheaded right now, by the state Chairman of the Party, Barr. Charles Ezekwem. The state can only be rescued and recovered by the PDP as it stands today. I therefore, call on all well meaning men and women of good will, to consciously take their destinies in their own hands by ensuring that the current evil regime in Imo is disgraced come 2019. We will not allow Okorocha and his family to continue plundering and feasting on our collective common wealth. The time is now. You must be counted.

My name is Omu.


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