If I was requested by an Editor to suggest a Newspaper Headline to report the Communique of Tuesday November 7, 2017 in which the Christian Association of Nigeria confirmed an ongoing Islamization of Nigeria and urged the Government of the day to pull Nigeria out of the *OIC* amongst other steps, my draft will be the title above.

This is like Leaders of a Community, calling on a powerful robbery gang that has successfully seized the reigns of power in that Community, in legitimization and advancement of their nefarious enterprise, *to please outlaw robbery and any form stealing!!*

Whether anyone of us realizes it yet or not, the only choice open to the entrapped Non-Caliphate Blocs of the rest of Nigeria amidst the undisguised *CONQUEST and ISLAMIZATION* onslaught is to formally *dissolve and dismantle the already defunct Federation of Nigeria* which collapsed irredeemably since May 27, 1967 when Yakubu Gowon, on behalf of the belligerent Caliphate-North (which was sold to him and other Military Officers and Political Actors in the Middle Belt as *One-North),* split the four Constituent Component Regions, Federating as *”Nigeria”,*into 12 *States,* with the Center,(so-called Federal), taking over the key economic assets of the erstwhile Federating Regions, in the name of a nonexistent *Federal Government* (Yes, nonexistent because there was at that point in 1967, no *Federation* to found a *”Federal Government.”)*

From the initial 12, we now have 36 *States* groveling at the feet of an omnipotent *Federal Government* sitting majestically in Abuja.

To reinforce the Caliphate stranglehold, which already dictate what happens in the States including who will Govern or Represent them, a third tier of 774 so-called *Local Government Area Councils* funded directly from the Treasury of Regional sequestered assets, domiciled in Abuja, were created by the *fiat* of the Caliphate-Military.

Today, untrained eyes from the South and Middle Belt are prancing around, rejoicing about the recently passed *Local Government Autonomy* in which the Caliphate *INEC* will henceforth *conduct Local Government Elections !*

By this one Caliphate stroke, both the Core Federalists here assembled and Governors of our respective *States* cease to have any say in how *Local Government Administrations* are installed in our Communities and backyard.

With all the Arms of State tightly under Caliphate Control, with the Caliphate heavily armed but *ununiformed* advance troops we naively call *Fulani Herdsmen* positioned throughout our Forests and Farmlands all the way to the Atlantic Waterfronts in Badagry, Gelegele, Koko, Warri, Port Harcourt and Calabar, *connected by Radio Communications* with the *Uniformed* Caliphate Commanders of both Military, Paramilitary and Police Formations throughout the South and Middle Belt Territories, some of us still sit on our hands discussing the *raging Jihad* as a remote future possibility and urging a Fulani-Controlled National Assembly to make a list of Islamic chains on Nigeria that must be broken by a Fulani Islamist-in-Chief who also doubles as Nigeria’s President and Commander-In-Chief of its Armed Forces !!!.

Can anyone find a better example of *naivety* anywhere in the World?

Maybe our ThoughtLeaders on the pulpit still operate with the archaic and limited Fodio-era imagery of Jihad as *Sword-Wielding-Men-On-Horseback-Charging-Into-Dusty-Rustic-Settlements* !!!!

This is Century 21 folks and things have gone digital and much more sophisticated. The earlier we wake up to it, the better.

We either dismantle Nigeria forthwith or we watch the full *CONQUEST and ISLAMIZATION* already in a ferocious swing.

Shallow minds amongst us who still think in terms of Partisan Political Colourations, *Democratic* free and fair elections that will bring better helmsmen, are likely to remind us that Gowon and Danjuma are from the Middle Belt or that Obasanjo is Yoruba, my answer to such persons is to inform them that this Caliphate, has its roots and brainbox in Buckingham Palace, its Field Operations in Sokoto and Kano, with Subsidiary Units farther afield, manned by carefully selected and Commissioned Caliphate Local Conscripts in your backyard and my backyard, coronated as Governors, Senators, Reps, Council Chairmen, for the humongous personal benefits assured by their Commission, swear to *Defend and Uphold* the *Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution* which completely enshackle, enslave and impoverish the populace they claim to govern.

Whether anyone here believes it or not, what we see unfolding before our eyes is in furtherance of the *October 1960 Mission Statement and Battle script of Ahmadu Bello* in which he had in celebration of the 1960 perfection of the 1914 Grand Bequest of Southern Nigeria to the Caliphate-North, declared to his lieutenants that:

*”The new Nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our Great-Grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must Ruthlessly prevent a Change of Power. We use the Minorities of the North as Willing-Tools and the South as a Conquered Territory, and Never allow them rule over us, Never allow them have Control over their future”* Parrot Newspapers, October 12, 1960.

Guided by this 1960 Compass, which clearly decipher the Caliphate *CONQUEST* component of our misery, we get a complete picture on the *ISLAMIZATION* component.

Here it is:

Many amongst our present Thought-Leaders in the South and Middle Belt may not know that in the Negotiations that led to Independence in 1960, Sir Ahmadu Bello insisted on *Sharia* for the Northern Region. The then Leaders of the predominantly Christian Middle Belt, including Joseph Tarka, rejected Sharia, insisting on a *Separate Middle Belt Region.* It was the Willinks Commission, 1957 that settled the matter by way of a compromise in which *Sharia was substituted with the Penal Code* so that the Christians of the Middle Belt and the rest of the Northern Region would not be subjected to *Sharia.* This was the fundamental basis of the Middle Belt remaining an integral part of the Northern Region into the 1959 Self-Government and into 1960 Independence.

When therefore in year 2000, the *12 Contiguous States* of the predominantly Muslim far North, *simultaneously imposed Sharia* it was a departure from the aforesaid fundamental *Basis of Federating with the Middle Belt* Ipso facto the rest of Nigeria.

What we have in our hands at the moment, is the *Consolidation* and *Expansion* of both the pre-Independence *ISLAMIZATION* and the October 1960 *CONQUEST* Vision of Sir Ahmadu Bello, by his political scions led by one of the aforementioned lieutenants in the Military wing, who directly participated in the bloody *Ruthlessness* of 1966-1970 and who in year 2001, *publicly vowed his commitment to the spread of Sharia throughout Nigeria.*

Tony Nnadi


November 8, 2017.


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