Food for thought and deep reflection.

Our intellectuals remain in denial, and one can only wonder what it will take to jolt them up.

Maybe another 50 years relegated to the savage backwoods of humanity.

Nigeria is not a necessity; “one Nigeria” remains an encumbrance.

An independent North will prosper

An independent SE will flourish

An independent SW will blossom

An independent SS will shine

“One Nigeria” will continue to smother creativity, healthy competition, economic growth, mutual respect and neighbourly coexistence. “One Nigeria” will erode what is left of our cultural identities ( language etc).

The talks of restructuring are mere palliatives.

However, those who seek to disentangle from this colonial mess must device more intelligent ways. There’s a need to change the narratives of misdirected angst. We are not victims of any so-called caliphate. The people of the north, just like all other indigenous people are victims of a system rigged by neo-colonial vested interests and a few Nigerian-born thieves who have latched onto power. Nigerians, be they Igbo or not, must be helped to see the damage this contraption continues to inflict on all of us.

Those who vouch for the viability of “one Nigeria” are either living in denial or they are beneficiaries of the corruption Nigeria has come to represent.


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