Gov Fayose may become President Fayose!

I love Fayose despite his ‘ways and means’. He’s a man. He has liver!

In his write up ‘Enjoy the ride. There is no return ticket.’ George Carlin wrote:

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. We all need to live life to its fullest each day!!

Life’s journey is not to

arrive at the grave safely

in a well preserved body,

but rather to skid in sideways,

totally used up and worn out, shouting

‘…man, what a ride!'”

Gov Fayose has had a ride and can actually say ‘…man, what a ride’.

Wole Soyinka has had his own ride. Chinua Achebe had a ride. Fela had a lot of ride. Gani Fawemimo had a lot of ride. FFK is having a ride. Oby Ezekwesili is having a ride. The Emir of Kano is having a ride!

This list is probably not exhaustive but I only picked people, that in my opinion, always fight or are fighting establishment. They don’t care if they go to jail!

Infact I remember when Gani wrote that he always had a bag packed for prison. Gani was a ‘handover note material’ from one President to another. IBB said as much when he said ‘it’s in a day’s job to arrest Gani’.

And yet, it’s not about whether these people, who by the way are not perfect, could have made better Presidents. No! Some people are made to clap, others criticise and yet over 90% sit on the fence!

Infact, those that criticise sometimes don’t even want to rule.

A University class mate of mine residing in the US once posted something on our forum which I found interesting. There was a ‘Gani’ in one state in the US. Always criticising from one Govt to another. He was always passionate about it. A civilized society, people started telling him to run as a Governor either because they believed him or wanted to have a good laugh when he failed. He had no political party platform. The push was much and he registered as an Independent Candidate.

Results out, he was the Governor!

His reaction? “Me? Governor? What am I gonna do now?”

But in Nigeria, it must be APC or PDP or APGA for Anambra state always! It shows our level of backwardness! We’re a backward people!

The military guys know this and if we don’t wake up, they’ll continue to install their own. They learn military tactics and strategies in NDA and it can be applied anywhere and anything. They know when to fight, when to retreat and when to build bridges! And yet we have many Harvard University trained everywhere with all the business strategies who cannot lead us out of this political quagmire!

Look at a typical military strategy!

OBJ, a military man, was brought out of prison and installed as the President to compensate the Yorubas for the lost Abiola mandate. The political machinery used was the General Yaraduah’s machinery where Atiku was The Chief Operating Officer. Politically, Atiku was The strongest Nigerian at that time. But he would soon fall out of favor with OBJ because he was not and refused to be subservient. Infact, he wanted to and almost removed the almighty OBJ. Venue: Jos convention to pick a candidate for Presidency after OBJ’s first term. He moved his political machinery in favor of Dr Alex Ekwueme. Dr Alex Ekwueme was the man until the dying minutes. OBJ, as a military strategist, knew when to retreat and build bridges. He knelt down (literarily speaking) and begged Atiku to forgive and forget. Atiku, a Customs man without suspecting, forgave him. Instructions were changed and passed on to delegates at the last minute. It was OBJ again!

Are you now surprised that OBJ messed up Atiku in their second term? When Atiku was crying all over the place that ‘OBJ has made me redundant, I have no work again’, I just dey laff! I was like ‘do you think this is about customs ‘post shipment inspection, duty assessment or additional duty assessment? You should have followed your instincts!’.

Are you also still surprised that OBJ said a big thank you by installing President Yaraduah, brother to Gen Yaraduah?

When Asiwaju put that merger together, he had that big chance of stopping the recycling of the Army guys and their brothers, but he bungled it. And here we are today!

If PMB manages his health well, he’ll get a second term. The nation is deeply divided along sectional lines now and underaged voting won’t go away any soon. I wonder whether the South has no underaged voters to return ‘fire for fire’!

There is nothing that makes an already popular man be a hero like dumping him in prison. PMB will dump Fayose in prison if he comes back and that will make him even more popular and powerful, despite his known imperfections. Therefore, Fayose’s prediction that ‘I’ll be President of Nigeria’ should not be struck out of our minds the way the Senate struck out those beautiful bills by Oluremi Tinubu to give Lagos a special status as a former Federal Capital or that South East Development Bill that was struck out with ignominy.

But for Fayose, FFK and the likes of Charlie Boy, PMB would still be in London . The first two put together that ‘museum’ shows in London that enabled us at least know our President was neither dead nor in an oxygen box. But for them, nobody would have cared to tell us the state of affairs of our ‘King who must be obeyed’. Charlie boy and Co brought PMB back by their #ourmumudondo!

We need to praise these guys! I personally doff my cap for them!

I hear Fayose wants to ‘instal’ his deputy as the next Governor. You see why I love that guy? I have searched but couldn’t remember any leaving Governor that installed his ‘spare tyre’ in Nigeria. They always go for new Michelin tyres and tubes! Isn’t Fayose a rare gem? Just answer dispassionately. Forget whether you like his style or not.

But I have an advice for Fayose that may stop APC from hijacking Ekiti state!

What goes around comes around. APC ran a campaign of calumny to be able to remove GEJ. On TV, on Newspapers, on Social media. Today, people are reciprocating and it’s called a ‘Hate speech’

In the same vein, to make Fayose the Governor, PDP did business unusual. They moved in men and ‘materials’ and blocked all access to Ekiti State by road and by air. I saw Rotimi Amaechi slugging it out with ordinary Mopo at a check point leading to Ekiti State. They refused him entry with all his ‘materials’. Gov Oshiomole decided to fly into Ekiti state by air with an helicopter. They denied him visa. They refused to clear that helicopter to take off.

They’ll do same to Fayose and his man. I advise him to move in men and materials early enough before they block all access. What is FFK doing in Lagos or Abuja? He should relocate early with enough ‘materials’!

I personally make this promise to Gov Fayose: if they ever dump him in prison, I’ll visit him regularly.

I won’t visit Gov Okorocha if he falls out of favor and dumped in prison.

I love men who are men!


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