Of what political value is Emeka Ojukwu jr?

His presence in APC is a mere public relations deodorant without the grassroot odour! He does not command a voter catching and mobilization charism and will end up as another index in the statistical chart of the Igbos in the APC led federal Government Payroll.

An adult Igbo first son who openly asserts that his father’s wife was in control of his father is not worthy to be taken seriously. One of Gen. Odimegwu Emeka Ojukwus greatest foible was his dabbling into partisan politics. In 1983 he got his hand burnt terribly when he went against the popular Igbo tide in the NPP and pitched his tent with NPN. His defeat at the senatorial polls by Dr Edwin Onwudiwe was one of the highlights of the Second Republic.

For the Ojukwus to swim against popular Igbo sentiment had become a tragic flaw.Their attraction to the centre is a political hari-kari .A political suicide. A sort of immolation.

Ojukwu jr does not command the presence of his father and pales in a distant comparison to his father’s wife Bianca! Whereas Ojukwu Sr was an acknowledged leader and commander of men and Bianca his delectable wife, a Queen befiting a warrior with the attendant brain, beauty and physical presence, Emeka Ojukwu jr brings nothing to the political table except a tale of family scandals. He is the son of our leader and not a leader. His greatest weapon and most potent armor should have been silence and a complete disdain from partisan politics. This way he will command the respect of both the left and right of the political divide befitting the son and Prince of the Peoples General.

Prince Ene Okechukwu Ahmed

Bier Collage Abuja.


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