In order to solve the riddle of this apparent anomaly in Italy, in which the Government of the Home Country of dead and distressed Citizens in a Foreign Land, show no iota of interest or concern, make a list of the 26 girls, showing the place of origin of each of the deceased.

Then take the Map of Nigeria and place each of the 26 names according to their *place of origin* on the Map.

You will immediately see why “Nigeria” which just finished murdering the siblings of the dead girls with Pythons and Crocodiles at home, would not care about the what happened to the girls in a foreign land.

Repeat that simple juxtaposition exercise with the casualties and victims of the routine xenophobic killings in South Africa and you have the same outcome.

Still using the same formula of *victim’s-place-of-origin-on-the- Map-of-Nigeria* you may wish to replicate the juxtaposition exercise with the notorious China Slave camps and the variations of cruelty that result in death of “Nigerians” across several Asian Countries.

Then go back to Europe, starting with the North Africa perilous transits (Libya, in particular), then the deadly Mediterranean Sea crossings.

*List who died?; who got killed?; who got injured?; who got raped?; who got imprisoned?. Place the names on the Map of Nigeria according to place of origin*.

A clear pattern emerges.

Bottom-line: *The Nigeria that haunts you at home, will not care about what happens to you abroad*.

It is that simple.

For those at the receiving end of these deadly malfeasances of a Country, Nigeria means only death and devastation and deprivations, at home or abroad. No quantum of pretence will alter that reality even if we chant the National Anthem a thousand times a day.

By the sheer wickedness of Nigeria, these people at the receiving at feel Stateless and the proprietors of the current One-Nigeria who refuse to address these haunting realities are singing the Requiem for Nigeria.

Tony Nnadi


November 18, 2017.


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