Hard lessons from the Anambra Elections.


1. The will of the people is always paramount

2. Godfatherism is becoming extinct

3. Soldiers, police cannot silence a determined electorate.

4. Federal influence in state elections is becoming less important

5. The electorate is becoming politically aware and can no longer be taken for granted.

6. If you deliver on your election promises, people will stand with you. If you don’t, you will be rejected.


1. You are in charge and can choose who you want to lead you. Your vote is your Power.

2. It is possible to take their money and still vote according to your conscience. After all it is your money in the first instance.

3. When you are determined and stand together as one, you take your destiny in your own hands. Victory is always guaranteed

4. When you vote, stand firm and ensure your vote counts. Rigging happens only if you allow it.

5. Accost and hand over elections criminals to the police. You are the watchdog and protector of your votes.

Anambra people have given me confidence that there are still Igbo men who understand politics.

Congratulations HE Willie Obiano, it was a tough fight , but the will of the people prevailed.

There is hope for the South East.

Sir Stanley Ekezie


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