Obiano Wins: Now the Work Begins.

Obiano wins the Anambra Elections. Winning in all the local governments.

As I wrote and submitted yesterday, that Anambra would surprise us all, the surprise has been overwhelming. The anticipation was that both PDP and APC would one way or the other win the election.

But my position was that whilst that was a possibility, surprises would be aplenty. The victory was a triumph of governance against turbulence.

While the APC had no real plan and their candidate, a no brainer; the PDP candidate Obaze, looked a good match to continue the good pace already set in Anambra. But the supposed Peter Obi’s involvement and attachment to the candidate undercut his chances. Just like his running of the Jonathan campaign, Obi’s politics and political instincts weren’t open and embracing. Many saw his push as a return to the long jettisoned godfather phenomenon in Anambra.

The real owners of the Anambra political machinery are its educated citizens and electorate. Nothing could be farther from the truth as anyone or clique to believe they can undermine the unwritten agreement of Nde Anambra, that never again would they be dragged back to the dark days of political gangsterism.

Obiano’s victory is a lesson. A lesson for both himself, as a Governor and a citizen. A lesson that he should not take the trust placed on him for granted. That his administration is not his for bragging. He must listen more. Incorporate the principles which the people voted for. Above all he must learn to be reticent in attitudes. This victory is equally a lesson to the *Self acclaimed larger than life, often ignorant godfathers*, who think Anambra belongs to them. They should either contribute to the development of an enabling community or simply retire to their own homes and enjoy their filthy lucre.

The freedom secured by the Anambra people yesterday, snatched back from the Ubah brother’s is now complete. The entrenchment of civil and civic responsibility is final. Now comes the time, for a total support from the still aloof elites, investors and entrepreneurs to start a reverse migration back to Anambra. A fundamental support base, through proactive professional participation must kick off. *NO MORE EXCUSES*

This should mark the beginning of the rebuilding process for both the party, and the entire Igbo view on content and homegrown policies and programmes for active political reform. APGA has earned its rights to be considered a serious Igbo platform. They should now focus on regional power shift. Take their eyes off the national game. Concentrate on the South-East as their turf. No better time to seek reconciliation with various homegrown political parties and groups.

It is important that subtle changes of the party hierarchy must be swift and brutal. Their inefficiencies must be flagged and acted upon. There’s no denying that APGA can incorporate the positives of the IPOB crusades and become the voice many young disenfranchised Igbo people and organisations have never had.

Congratulations Obiano.

Congratulations Nde Anambra.

Congratulations APGA.

Congratulations to all the progressives who never gave up on Ndigbo.

Now the work begins.

©️ Ireke A Kalu Onuma


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