How APC tried to rig the Anambra election. By Aic Akwarandu.

APC tried to use President Buhari’s influence to win election. It all manifested when they redeployed Obiano’s security details days before his election. Thank God for great Nigerians who condemned the act and Mr President who ordered that his security details including his ADC be restored to him.

They wanted to lay Obiano ambush in his own election. That was an unsuccessful democratic electoral coup. They deployed money, the governors donated Billions to Nwoye, state by state. Most of them are owing salaries, pensioners are being given bounced cheques for months. What a country! APC deployed federal might through security agencies, they deployed different tactics, they even started emergency road constructions, I sincerely hope those projects will continue. In all these, they failed. The people resisted intimidation and stood to defend their votes. They saw it as their project knowing the implication of allowing an APC government in the south east, knowing that nothing good has happened to ndi imo for having an APC government.

There is no doubt that if Governor Okorocha was performing well in Imo, APC would have won in Anambra. Tony Nwoye avoided public appearances with Rochas yet it affected him. Rochas Okorocha of Imo State is the worst advertisement of the messages of good governance he is marketing. Raising Nwoyes hand was detrimental. A governor that has reduced workers and pensioners to beggers telling people how they will pay salaries. A man that issued pensioners bounced cheques for two months and still running, can not claim to have any love for the senior citizens of any state. It’s impossible for governor Okorocha to tell any reasonable audience that His party will conduct local government elections. That contradicts reality. In all, identifying with Gov. Okorocha was Tony Nwoye’s undoing.

Another lesson to learn is that INEC Officials are becoming very careful. They now seem to value their jobs more than bribes. That is not to say that No give and take happened, but the usual and unfortunate cases of hijacking INEC OFFICIALS to a particular place to write results was not rampant if at there were cases. In 2019 in Imo, our people must cooperate with INEC Officials to deliver free and fair election. Let the people decide who will lead them. Let us for once have a peaceful election anchored on the masses. The era of result writing, rigging and thuggery should be left behind. Imo people will stand by their votes and deliver them at INEC collation centre for the State. The people will certainly decide.

For my PDP, we had the best candidate, we tried our best, but we could have done more. I’m aware of the fact that PDP contested against two incumbents. One at the federal the other at the State level. It wasn’t easy. But the PDP must device better mechanism to address post primary crises. The idea of “let him go to hell” must stop. Everybody must be accorded due respect for us to move forward. A very small “insignificant” person can cost you an election. The PDP parades the best brains both in leadership and other things, it’s unfortunate we allow ego, selfishness and hatred to affect us. There are alot of things we must set aside to win elections. In Imo today, the people are comfortable with the PDP. To them, the PDP is the party come 2019. But they want to see us more organised and coordinated. They want to see us more United. They want to see us keep contact and covenant with them. They want us to be more humble. We have a chance in 2019, we must utilise it or forget it forever. If we fail to rescue Ndi Imo from the self acclaimed rescuer, there will be a serious problem for us.

Conclusively, election is now about the people. Former this former that will not give you Victory if he doesn’t open his gate for villagers to come in, give free water, be very social with the people. Aka aha otu, all fingers are not equal. Those who God has blessed must in one way or the other support the society. This can be done through community development services. Your people must feel your impact before you can ask them for votees. The PDP must then identify those people who are not political with the people. The PDP has alot of leaders who practice their own politics in their villages. You don’t play politics with Umnna. If you tell them yes, let it be yes. You don’t become rich with their votes and you come back to the village and close your gate at them. Tomorrow you open it because of election and you think they are foolish. We must sacrifice for the people them to do same for us. We have the best brains that can change Imo State. We have them all over. We must use them to get it right and the time is now.

Aic Akwarandu


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