Why Imo PDP chairman Barrister Charles Ezekwem (Ikemba Okigwe) Must Be Commended.

The People’s Democratic Party, Imo State, is enjoying it’s reformation and overhauling process, with the state Chairman, Barr. Charles Chukwudi Ezekwem, anchoring the ship. The Okigwe born former EA to Governor Udenwa and former LGA elected chairman has shown that He has the capacity, strong will and the needed dexterity to lead a great party with many big people. It has been proven that one of the greatest challenges in leadership is managing your contemporaries. However, Barr. Charles Chukwudi Ezekwem has shown strength, respect and power to handle this situation when ever it comes up. He has shown that the people’s Democratic party made the right and the best choice in the Austin Opara led congress where he emerged alongside other energetic and workaholic members of the State Working Committee. honour must indeed given to the man who deserves it.

Since his emergence as the State Chairman of the PDP, he has witnessed about three National Conventions, two were non elective and then the elective convention slated to held on the 9th of December, 2017. However, the good news here is not that he has witnessed these conventions, but the manner, style and approach through which he handled the preceding ward and LGA congresses has exposed his ingenuity to the the entire world. Unlike before, when after the congresses, you will have more than five different sections going to court, the PDP of today under the able leadership of Ikemba Okigwe has changed that unfortunate history that existed during the dark days of the PDP. Ikemba has rebranded the PDP, as the vehicle that will drive the state to quality infrastructure, good and community based health care system, quality education, Local government elections, and other human capital developmental projects that will benefit the people.

Checking the reports of congresses held, one could give the party a pass mark. This is not to say that there won’t be challenges in some places, but the fact that the people where allowed to come out and decide who will represent them at the National Convention as delegates, has reduced the challenges to its lowest ebb. For the first time the masses are given full ownership of the party. They are now the real owners of the party, they are deciding who represents them, that’s the spirit a party whose slogan is “Power to the People” should have.

I commend the Charles Chukwudi Ezekwem led Imo Executive for reducing the level of Imposition in the party. Its important to note that the consolidation of these achievements will give us victory come 2019. Imo people are eager to welcome the PDP back to government house. They are fed up with the present day administration and the best we can do is to take advantage of this leadership failure and make Imo great again. The people will stop taking us serious if we fail them in 2019. While we solicit their support, we must show strength, sincerity, humility, readiness and the courage to liberate them. We can not behave like those who do not have the spiritual oil needed for the the said liberation. The PDP has the best hands that can lead this state. Both in Capacity, antecedents and strength. We must utilise them at this critical moment. Power must return to the people.

Aic Akwarandu


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