Uche Secondus and his attackers.

I have seen all the attacks against Uche Secondus in his bid to become the next elected PDP Chairman. I accept the genuine agitation of those who feel it is the turn of Southwest Geopolitical zone to produce the next National Chairman of the party, having not occupied the office before. That seems plausible in the PDP and Nigerian system where zoning is a big issue.

Surprisingly however majority of the attacks against the Uche Secondus campaign for PDP National Chairmanship have come from the Pro-Sherrif group who lost their grip and stranglehold on the PDP by virtue of a Supreme Court decision. They are not saying that Uche Secondus is not qualified to run for the post and office of the National Chairman. Conversely, they do not accuse Uche Secondus of a plot to rig the election.

Their grouse is simply that Secondus is being pushed forward by a certain group, clique or section of the party. But this is democracy candidates don’t just emerge. There must be interests, cliques, groups etc. What is important is whether the process is free and fair and whether all parties were given opportunity to freely compete at the polls.

May I also ask, those attacking Uche Secondus, if Governor Wike and Fayose are among those behind Secondus, don’t they themselves have interest in some other particular candidates? Is this not democracy? Don’t Governor Wike and Fayose have a right to choose, work and support whom they desire?

Why not plan to defeat Secondus at the polls? I agree with the demand that Secondus should allow the Southwest produce the Chairman. But then whomsoever is running from the Southwest, must run to defeat him at the polls. Those who seek a candidate from the Southwest must work hard to deliver same at the polls. There is no stipulation in the party Constitution making the office exclusive to the southwest or stopping Secondus from running, even against zoning. All you need is to strategize to defeat him at the Convention. It is his right to run even against zoning


The funniest part of the attack comes from the Sherrif group. The vocal group who vociferously held PDP on the jugular, insisting Ali Modu Sherrif must remain PDP Chairman until 2018. They are the same people now crying for the Southwest. In fact it was the Makarfi group which Secondus belonged to who sought that the Southwest be allowed to produce the National Chairman at the Port Harcourt Convention. The Sherrif Camp was bent on Sherrif succeeding himself. And when they failed in the bid to succeed and perpetuate Sherrif, they abandoned the Convention and insisted they have the mandate for Sherrif to continue in power until 2018. How come the inconsistent Sherrif Camp didn’t realize then and all through the battle in the Courts that a Convention was needed to handover to the Southwest. They simply laid claim using Sherrif till 2018.

How time flies and how forgetful people can be.


I call these two men patriots. Unlike Sherrif and his cronies, Uche Secondus rescued PDP from Sherrif’s evil plot to sell the party to the ruling APC. Recall, this man had the will to dissolve the National Executive which he was a part of when Sherrif disappeared alleging he had called off the convention in Port Harcourt. Imagine that Secondus was ambitious and not willing to let go. Imagine that Secondus disappeared like his then Boss Sherrif. We wouldn’t be where we are today. He convened the Convention when Sherrif ran away and announced the dissolution of the National Exco he was No 2 in command.

That was a worthy act of sacrifice by Secondus. He placed the interest of the party over his own selfish gains

On Makarfi, unlike Ali Mohmodu Sherrif, from the first day after the Supreme Court decision he brought alive all organs of the party. The National Working Committee NWC, NEC etc all began sitting, just weeks after the resolution of the leadership dispute by the Supreme Court. He convened a non-elective convention where he sought an extension to enable him make adequate preparation for the National Convention. He always made it clear he was not willing to succeed himself as National Chairman of PDP. This is the difference between Makarfi and Sherrif and those who support them.

The peace PDP has known today is because Makarfi is a patriot. If he was desperate like Sherrif, nothing stops him from scheming to succeed himself or continue to frustrate a National Convention.


I look at those attacking these two governors as funny. These two PDP Governors have been sponsoring the party. The other PDP Governors have been one leg in PDP another leg in APC. Other PDP Governors are so afraid to be openly seen strengthening and sponsoring PDP. They are so afraid of the President and do not want to be seen as sponsors of the PDP, so that they can have a smooth sail with President Buhari for a run I run automatic ticket deal.

Why then should Fayose and Wike not have an interest in who becomes PDP National Chairman. These two men fought the battle to keep PDP alive today. Others were and have continued to play hide and seek. Should they allow PDP to slip back to the hands of the APC? Should they stand and watch and see another monger grab PDP? The answer is No.

I conclude by urging those who want to stop Secondus to go about it in a democratic manner. Campaign, run and if you win, you have it. If you lose, then congratulate the winner.

By Kissinger Ikokwu


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    Pls credit the author now.


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