What The North Needs To Do To Develop – Shehu Sani.

Sen. Shehu Sani (APC – Kaduna Central) has urged the northern region of the country to stand up to end Islamic fundamentalism and violent extremism and revive its manufacturing sector.

He made this known as some of the positions he took at the just-concluded Northern Senators Forum retreat held in Katsina.

In a statement published on his Facebook page, Sani said he equally urged the north to create a meeting point between major and minor ethnic groupings within its fold.

Summarising his positions at the retreat, he said:

“1. The north must stand up and end extremism and terrorism

“2. The north must build bridges between its majority and minority ethnic groups.

“3. The north needs a post oil masterplan for its socio economic development and future.

“4. The north must start test running on restructuring by budgeting without dependent on federal allocation.

“5. The north must factor on 6 key areas;Education,Agriculture,To

urism,Mines,ICT and Health.

“6. The north must revive its manufacturing sector.

“7. The north must empower its people,provide opportunities for the most vulnerable and end poverty and dependency culture.

“8. The north must see itself as a component of the Nigerian nation.

“9. The north must neutralize the menace of materialism and revive its moral values fading fast in the lives of its younger generation.

“10. Those in the position of power must see themselves as servants and not masters or gods or Demi gods.”


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