South East

Buhari 198,248

Jonathan 2,464,906

South South

Buhari 418,590

Jonathan 4,714,725

*South West*

Buhari 2,433,193

Jonathan 1,821,416

*North Central*

Buhari 2,411,013

Jonathan 1,715,818

*North East*

Buhari 2,848,678

Jonathan 796,580

*North West*

Buhari 7,115,199

Jonathan 1,339,709

As we prepare for another general election come 2019, it is important that we analyse the results of 2015 very carefully.

Contrary to popular sentiment that the *South West* gave Buhari his victory, It was obviously not the South West at all. Their votes were very easily cancelled out by the votes of the South East alone, not to talk of the massive support shown to PDP by the South South.

From all indications, It was clearly the *North West* that gave Buhari his victory. Has Buhari’s support in the *North West* waned since then? This is a fundamental question political strategists and analyst must ask themselves in determining how Buhari’s majority of 2015 can be overturned come 2019.

It is obvious from these figures that a big shift in voter sentiment in the North East and parts of North Central, will just not be enough to overturn his majority.

Perhaps all this craze about Atiku being the flagbearer for PDP is a complete political miscalculation, and perhaps a strong candidate from the North West, might be the real deal.

I’m simply just passing on an early warning sign for the love of our Party.

Chief JCI


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