Politics is the only process to national development starting from school and if you stay out of it, you are far away from the reality that leads to development.

The cost of garri is determined by politics, the school fees, the motor parts and even your salaries are all determined by what happens in politics.

When the wrong people are in power and the right people are protesting, analysing, criticising and complaining, the status quo remains the same until those right people get involved.

Anyone who feels too pure or clean to get involved in the game of politics, he or she should feel ashamed of complaining about bad governance.

When good people stay away from politics, only the bad ones are left to run the affairs of the nation.

Politics is a game, though may be dirty when played by dirty people. However, it could also be cleansed to be clean, when played by good people.

Get involved!!!

Let good people get involved in groups and not in isolation

It’s all about you and me and our posterity.


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