It’s not elections that take the most from Nigerian politicians. Every blessed day, the average politician receives average of 100 – 300 requests for money, other forms of assistance. Such unlimited pressure and unnecessary phone calls contribute to why most politicians hardly take calls.

This also pressures some politicians to find every means to steal or do all sorts of shady things just to be buoyant enough to meet up with most of these demands just so they are not labelled *Stingy* and denied the opportunity in the future by their party members and constituents.

This also contributes to why some fail to deliver, as they end up being phone calls attendants, answering calls from their constituents from morning till night, instead of concentrating on the job they are elected to do. They miss the quiet time, peace and tranquility required to conceive, articulate and develop creative ideas.

If you don’t pick their calls, they say you’ve been voted in and you no longer take their calls. If you get an assistant to take your calls, they’d say you’re now feeling too big to take calls and talk to them directly.

The ones I pity most are new Entrants and young politicians who are even yet to be elected.

The moment you declare your interest to run for an office, everyone in your constituency and beyond, who got wind of it, has automatically found a new ATM machine that must continue to dispense until it passes out.

In other climes, friends, party members and constituents are the ones who donate and contribute for your campaigns, knowing fully well that campaigns all over the world are expensive.

In Nigeria, you don’t just look for money for campaigns, you also must look for money to dash most people who come around.

If you don’t have the money to share even before campaigns, no matter how brilliant your ideas are and how popular you are, you’re wasting your time.

This is one of the reasons most younger people distance themselves from Nigerian politics. This is also why we end up with evil people in govt. Evil people who made their money through evil and willing to pay any amount to grab power to enable them amplify their evil.

Indeed, the change we seek to see in Nigeria may never come until we as electorate also help the elected. It’s a two way thing… We cannot blame it solely on politicians

To be continued…


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