Imo people woke up few days ago precisely monday 11th Dec to get reports from the Imo APGA Publicity Secretary Dr George Nkwoji accusing Gov Rochas Okorocha of spreading death, poverty in IMO.

Ordinarily, I did not want to reply to this mischievous and frivolous claims knowing fully well that APGA has been on sick bed since 2011, but on a second thought, I decided to put down this piece only to remind Imo APGA that they were the original group that introduced this poverty and death in Imo and must remain quiet until this mistake is fully corrected by 2019.

The history and entry of Gov Rochas Okorocha into IMO political limelight cannot be completed without the mention of APGA. At a time, APGA was used as a verifiable tool, an agent of doom and a destructive instrument to scuttle the peaceful zoning policy and power sharing formula in the state which has been in existence since the current Democratic dispensation only to pave way for poverty and death in IMO land.

And APGA forced and persuaded every Imolite in 2011 to vote for an unknown man without content and character. Martin Agbaso feel he has played God when he hurriedly presented his younger brother, Jude Agbaso to serve as deputy Governor and not knowing the calamity and consequences of selling the birth right of Owerri to Orlu. And the holy Scripture said the wages of sin is death.

The sin of APGA in 2011 is therefore responsible for the too many deaths and poverty in the modern day Imo.

Imo people are aware of the root of their problems and APGA cannot be exonerated. It is however demeaning and insulting for Dr. George Nkwoji instead of reflecting on the curse him and his party brought to the unsuspecting Imo public in 2011, resorted to accusing Owelle Rochas Okorocha as the cause of the death and poverty in Imo as if without APGA, there would have been anything like Rochas as IMO Governor.

In 2015, IMO people out rightly and completely rejected and disassociated itself from APGA and their cohorts in the polls citing the 2011 experience. This was displayed in the voting pattern where APGA lost woefully in all elective positions including House of Assembly seats, House of Reps, Senate and guber positions. This no doubt Imo people will replicate in 2019 if APGA do not desist from making careless and unguarded statements.

We know APGA as a political party rely on sympathy votes to survive. They are the only political party praying for crisis to reign in the two main national political parties of APC and PDP so that some stranded and internally displaced politicians in the national parties can have a safe landing in their party.

Imo people have since decoded their antics and will not fall for them again. Imo APGA must therefore come out publicly to apologize to ndi Imo and thereafter seek for God’s face if atall they want to stop and put an end to the continuous death and poverty ravaging the people of the state which APGA introduced in 2011.


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