Buhari hasn’t done much for Ndigbo. Nze Hon. Ray Emeana.

The state Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Nze Ray Emeana, described Buhari’s New Year message as “a rehash of the All Progressives Congress, APC, continuous deceitful and failed promises.”

It was Emeana’s opinion that there was nothing new in the speech, as Nigerians have continued to live in pitch darkness, in spite of lies of increased power generation. “This is the worst Christmas ever, as transport fare from Lagos and Abuja to Owerri, was over N20,000. Virtually every kobo available to Nigerians this festival period was spent on fuel and diesel, which rose to over N350 and N250 per litre, respectively, at filling stations, leaving the government helpless, except blaming marketers for their ineptitude,” Emeana said.

While saying that he was surprised that government did not blame the PDP as usual, Emeana, however, opined that the marginalisation of the South-East by Buhari’s failure to include the zone in the development of the railways, can be taken as the official policy of APC, even as roads in the South East have become a nightmare. “The government has failed in virtually all it’s promises in education, healthcare and the economy. The exchange rate has remained all time high at N365 to the United States dollar. We have lost the largest economy rating Africa. Youth unemployment is over 47 percent, with an annual economic growth rate of less than 0.4 percent. This is sad,” Nze Emeana said.

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  1. But ndi ara, ndi Igbo have done a lot for the PYTHON in chief (Buhari) including, conferring chieftaincy on him for killing their children and taking many hostage. To date nobody knows and ndi igbo are not asking for their children including Nnamdi Kanu. Those purporting to lead ndi Igbo are total embarrassment to Humanity!


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