The *Deadly Misdiagnosis and even more deadly Prescription* of hoping to escape the ferocious Jihad already on a full Southward sweep, by mere *Voting* at an *Election* under the 1999 Constitution that *massively empowers the Fulani Caliphate against the rest of Nigeria*, is a sure guarantee for the success of the Jihadists, especially when it is the Khalif Herdsman-In-Chief that would preside over the 2019 Round, (whether or not he runs) already zoned to the North by the two viable Political Parties, if the PDP and APC could be so properly described.

*The choice is already narrowed down to one between a Fulani and a Fulani*for the rest of Non-Caliphate Nigeria.

With INEC’s ultimate machineries and controls in the hands of the Caliphate; with all the Guns, Jet Fighters, Naval Gunboats, Police Arsenal and Top Brass, DSS, Armed Civil Defence, Immigration, NDLEA, in the Nigeria, tightly under the vice-grip of the Caliphate, it does not take a Nostradamus to tell anyone that if the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, remains under the heavy Fulani spell that railroad all towards an Election the Fulani will conduct in 2019, that the Grand *CONQUEST and ISLAMIZATION* Campaign, power forcefully Southwards, unchallenged, and will arrive the Atlantic Shores of Ikom, Bonny, Escravos, Forcados, Epe, Lagos and Badagry, (where massive Fulani-Armoured Tanks and Troops are Strategically Stationed), almost on a cruise, aided by the *hoodwinked and totally hypnotized Leadership Collective of the South and the Middle Belt*.

The LNC and its MNN Partners will do whatever it will take to halt this sure march to Golgotha which a 2019 Election under the Master-Servant Constitution 1999 of Nigeria which *guarantees* *humongous personal benefits* for the South/Middle Belt Political Merchants, and their households *whilst simultaneously grinding the nose of the Eastern Nigeria Populace*, in whose name the aforementioned humongous benefits are procured in the Abuja FCT *(Impregnable Refuge Camp for Regional Renegades);* 36 State Capitals and 774 LG HQs, under the guise of *Democracy*.

The LNC and the rest of the *Lower Niger Self-Determination Collective* will hold directly responsible the Political Merchant of Lower, across Party lines, for such an avoidable calamity as an Election in 2019 under the 1999 Constitution, but before we arrive at that Port of Catastrophe, every legitimate step possible will be taken to halt this drift to sure annihilation.

The matter is now a plain choice between Life and Death for those hapless and totally helpless, multitudes on the bloodsoaked front-lines in the Middle Belt Territories, as those front-lines drift more and more Southward to the Eastern Heartland and Coast.

Tony Nnadi


January 7, 2018.


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