Nigeria: Working Hard to Die

Baron Roy wrote:

Since the past couple of years, we have had numerous killings. ALL from Fulani Militias masquerading as herdsmen. The number of killings within the past 30 months have claimed at least 10,000 souls (conservative estimates) These people did not plan to die…at least not violently. And not in the hands of their guests. But die they did…unmourned, unavenged…and their killers treated with awe by the Nigerian Establishment…

Nassarawa killings

Benue killings

Taraba killings

Adamawa killings

Kaduna killings

Enugu killings

Edo killings

Delta killings

Abia killings

Cross River killings

Plataue killings

Kaduna killings…

And all those people killed had their representatives at the federal government…House of Rep members, Senators, Governors, and several others. None of these political reps has spoken for their people; dead or alive. The National Assembly has never risen to the occasion on this national emergency! No lawmaker has protested in vehemence over the killings. No one has attempted to shut down the national assembly with outrage over these killings. People are being sent to their makers on a daily basis…from the Middle Belt to the South East and Niger Delta…people are dying like chickens! No lawmaker has taken it upon himself to question the executive or those who claim to provide security!

SARS, Nigerian Military, and others are busy chasing about those who blog and write about the endemic injustice within this space called Nigeria. Hundreds have been arrested over the past 30 months…for complaining. None of those arrested ever killed a soul! Nnamdi Kanu killed nobody, Fani-Kayode harmed no one, Elombah killed no one, and many others…but they were rounded up and corralled into cages…for killing no one!

But the Fulani Militias that are terrorising the Middle Belt, killing, maiming, raping and destroying everything are sacred! Not even ONE Fulani killer has been arrested! Not one! Then they come on air…in plain sight, and inform the world through MIYETTI Allah or MACBAN that they killed because their cows were killed! And they are not immediately arrested and tried for murder! Fantastic!

Yet, we claim to have a country…a country called One Nigeria! We implore people to be patriotic and work for the good of Nigeria! How? How do you explain to the relatives of the murdered to be patriotic? Why do you think people agitate for secession or restructuring? We are not outraged, we are not protesting but carrying on like all is well while war is all around us and the killing fields are visible to all?

By not taking action against the Fulani Terrorists, the unity of the nations of this country disappears. The silence of the federal government and their seeming lack of interest is a pointer to complicity. The perception of islamization takes root. The feeling that the country must split becomes an overriding urgency!

Oh! We sent Pythons to IPOB and Kanu for wanting to secede? With the actions of the Fulani Terrorists, and the silence of an overtly Fulani-biased federal government, the Fulani have seceded from Nigeria! The Fulani Militias have declared a war on the rest of Nigeria, and the federal government has been more than irresponsible in not taking action against them! In my books, the federal government has seceded from Nigeria, alongside its do-nothing and obviously hopeless National Assembly of Moronic Comedians! We should send fire-breathing dragons to them!

You cannot be patriotic to a country that offers you no protection. You cannot be warm towards a government that blatantly refuses to apprehend those who murder others in their thousands just so they could occupy their lands. You cannot entrust your destiny to a national assembly that’s self-serving and uninterested in whether we live or not! You cannot expect investors, foreign or local, to put their money in a war zone!

The war in Ukraine that led to the loss of Crimea to Russia claimed less than 300 lives. The Fulani War against the Middle Belt and the South has claimed over 10,000 souls. Yet, we say it isn’t a war? Oh! Maybe when the body count gets to a million, we shall declare it a war…until then, Nigeria should keep working very hard…to die!

This country, is a giant disgrace to the human race!

You could call this an hate speech if you want, but what could be more hateful, disgusting, despicable, and demonic by doing a whole lot of nothing while Fulani Militias eradicate people in thousands? You have planted a great HATE activity in these climes. You and your cohorts are an embodiment of demonic hate! And may God not have mercy on your souls!

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