By Comr. Ezekwe Uche

History has it that PDP has never failed election in Ohaji/Egbema and 2019 will not be an exception.

Its very appalling that some of our brothers from Ohaji/Egbema have ignorantly decided to dine and wine with the man that slept with their mother while she carries them at her back. Its very unfortunate that we have these set of uncircumcised persons amongst us who has foolishly sold their souls to the devil for peanuts of today,selling out perpetually the future of their born and unborn children for selfish interests against the communal interests of our people.

For How Long Shall We Remain Slaves To Our God Given Natural Endowments ?

The staff of insopadec are crying out blood for the three months salaries owed and the commission is busy doing nothing for the people of our area,simply because the funds allocated to them through our 13% oil derivation is been siphoned by some selfish cabal and their families.

I laugh at some uninformed persons who goes about, out of callousness,envy,jealous, clueless,frustration and gullibility to question me on the dividends of Democracy attracted by PDP to the people of Ohaji/Egbema.

You can agree with me that during the era of PDP,Awarra Court Area was very peaceful and united not until in the recent leadership of evil men came into power to mar the peace and unity of our people using some brainless persons to destroy their own home. Today,they are no where to be found within Awarra court area after succeeding in make our home unsafe,especially for our poor home based parents and you think,God will sleep over your atrocities melted on us.

As at 2006/7 Ohaji/Egbema monthly allocation was accrued to about #80-85M then,now check on it for the past six years of the present administration.

Let me not go far in highlighting some of these facts rather I will hit on the bone of contention and to categorically state that PDP has favoured the people of Ohaji/Egbema than APC.

During the PDP era,our sons held first class positions in the government of IMO state and Nigeria at large.


Correct me if am wrong.

It was during the reign of PDP that the followings were benefitted by our people.

1. The road construction of Obosima-Amafor-Umuwuaku-Adapalm road were constructed under PDP.

2. Umuapu-Ihia-Obitti-awarra road were constructed under PDP.

3. Etekuru-Obile-Assa -Awarra link roads were constructed under PDP.

4. Egbema-Amahu roads were constructed under PDP.

5. Adapalm was fully functional managed by our son,Jude Opara under PDP.

6. Obitti rubber estate was functional under PDP.

7. Sir Mike O. Was appointed Inspector General Of Police under PDP.

8. Rt. Hon. G. N. Opiah became speaker under PDP.

9. Goddy Obodo (PhD) was appointed commissioner under PDP.

10. Michael Opara College of Education was metamorphosed into State Polytechnic under PDP as was singlehandedly sponsored by Rt.Hon.Goodluck Nana Opiah.

11. Awarra court area was crowned with NDDC commissioner under PDP.

12. PDP constructed 3 and 4 bed room flats respectively, in Umuagwo autonomous community.,etc.

Under the leadership of PDP the good people of Ohaji/Egbema were part of the decision making body of IMO state and Nigeria and we were never sidelined as we are been treated in this present administration.

The dividends of PDP to our locality is too numerous to mention .

Above all,there was peace and harmony then than now.

If i have derailed in the above,call me to order.

Soon,I will elucidate on this matter but will pause for now as i challenge the APC e-rats to come forth with verifiable facts of what the good people of Ohaji/Egbema, Awarra court area in particular has gained from the present administration.

It may interest you to know that there are so many leadership positions in IMO state government but we can only boost of two as oil producing area, Ohaji/Egbema.

We shouldn’t be sheepishly following those that are only interested in syphoning our resources and to enrich their personal pocket for future elections.

Ohaji/Egbema Must Be Liberated.




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