Today, I have decided to undertake an unsolicited or maybe obviously unappreciated assignment of unveiling or revealing to our dear Governor Rochas Okorocha his already acquired 10 standby forces he MUST face in his bid at producing his likely successor in 2019.

In my last count, of course without prejudice to any one that is not mentioned here, I could only identify ten [10] ‘deadly’ forces that are already hibernating within and outside the state waiting for the whistle to be blown before they start directing the nozzle of their political Guns towards the Governor and his team.

The essence of this exercise is just to arm our Governor, so that he will be abreast with the size of his opponents because to be fore warned is to be fore armed. But Quickly, I must however say here that it will take the mastery of a political field Marshal for the Governor to trounce these heavily ‘armed’ and fortified forces that have laid landmines on his way to producing his successor. They are:


The first sets of forces the Governor will confront are his internal supporters. Iam afraid the Governor may be co-habiting with a lot of unfriendly friends posing as supporters right inside his camp. Inside his house, his supporters are sharply divided among different gubernatorial hopefuls depending on their individual political interests. They fall among those who are supporting the Deputy Governor Eze Madumere, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, the SGI, jude Ejiogu, Chike Okafor including Chucks Ololo. And all of them are just waiting for the Governor to just announce his preferred choice before they start their in-house fight which may likely weaken the Governor before he even comes out to face the other category. There is already a cold war and the Governor is not helping matters with his body language.


The Governor has a ‘Rock of Gibraltar; and his fellow political war lord in the person of Sen Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume already laying ambush for him in the party. Sen Arararume appears to be battle ready to match the Governor force for force since the Governor has vowed to stand in his [Araraume’s] way in realizing his Guber ambition. The battle between them promises to be fierce and interesting. I pray that the Dog and the Baboon will not be soaked in their blood [Apology to PMB].


Still within his party, the Governor has Senators Osita Izunaso and Ben Uwajumogu including the likes of Barr Nwajuba and other leaders of the party from the state who are feeling sidelined and betrayed by the Governor to contend with. Sen Izunaso is a member of the national working Committee of APC and Senator Uwajumogu is the only Senator from the state and a member of the National Executive Committee of APC. Of course, they are all major stakeholders of the party and their views and interests must be respected by the party hierarchy. He also has Barr Emeka Nwajuba , another avowed enemy in this group.

Unfortunately, they are nursing deep rooted grouses against the Governor for many reasons and are only waiting for time to get their pound of flesh.


Now coming out from his party internal opposition, the Governor may have these disillusioned and utterly disenchanted senior citizens of the state to face. These are people whose pension arrears are running into several months to the point that many of them have lost count.

In addition, their pension benefits have either been paid under stringent conditions and torture or their pension paid in bits or subtracted. They and their Children and relatives are not happy and may retaliate with their voters card in 2019.


These categories are the silent killers of every government. You see them in the afternoon, they appear happy and taciturn because of the fear of being sacked or victimized but in the dark and inside their minds, they are raging with anger. So many of them have suffered delayed promotion, stunted revenue accruement, blocked sources of getting money and slashed salaries.

Historically speaking, Imo workers have been voting against incumbent Governors and Okorocha may not escape their onslaught in 2019.


Barring any change of mind, those whose shops and properties were destroyed under the urban renewal policy of the government naturally are felling bitter and could only vent their anger against the Governor during the general elections. No matter how plausible the policy may appear, their sources of revenues were disrupted and many others were forced to retire to their villages while there were others who are still finding it difficult to settle down with its attendant hardship and penury. 2019 may be their day of seeking for revenge.


For the first time in the history of the state, Governor Okorocha completely shut almost all the political jobbers in the state out of the operational running of the state. He rules the state alone and starved them of the hitherto ‘Bounties’ that normally come to them from the previous state Governors. This is akin to forcefully removing a Baby’s mouth from the mother’s breast. Many of them, I am sure have not passed beyond the state government house gate since six and half years of Okorocha’s reign. Obviously, they are seething with rage and would most likely conspire against the Governor’s interest in 2019. They attempted it in 2015 but the Governor narrowly escaped their conspiracy because of President Buhari’s sudden victory. But the dynamics have changed now.


These are powerful political forces who are not from the state but who obviously have unbridled interest in the state either because of their investment in the state or because of the political differences existing between them and the Governor which they may want to settle their political scores with the Governor. They include but not limited to top shots of APC in Abuja like Rotimi Amaechi, Tinubu etc. Again, you have Anambra Mafias who invested in the Governor’s election but couldn’t get their return on investment and also Anambra Governor Willie Obiano who may retaliate against what Okorocha did to him during the last Anambra election among others.


Indigenes of Owerri Municipality in particular are still nursing their injury in the hands of Governor Okorocha and his administration. It started with the balkanization of their age long and united Owerri traditional kingdom into about 5 autonomous communities thereby planting the seed of discord amongst brothers.

Again, the manner at which the state government removed/demolished their once ancestral Eke Ukwu Market, no matter the argument is still fresh in their minds. What about the earlier attempt by the state government to snatch from them their ancestral land at Area K which they fought like wounded Lions before they got it back? Today over 80% of Owerri Nche Ise indigenes do not appear to be happy with the Governor and they may be waiting for 2019 to strike.


Finally and naturally, the Governor will face his fellow politicians from different political parties chiefly among them are members of PDP, APGA, UPP etc. A lot of these people have dined, wined, slept and faced poverty and hardship for the past six and half years. Honestly, it has not been easy for many of them and they can’t wait to bite the Governor with their Hungry Teeth. A hungry man is an angry man. Trust politician, they will use the Governor’s misdemeanors or otherwise to campaign to the people against the Governor and play on their sentiments.

So the Governor might be running into the murky waters and may be in for a fierce political battle in 2019 and don’t forget, he is an outgoing Governor and there is this established tendency in the state that people usually see an outgoing Governors as spent forces to the point that even close Aides at times betray the outgoing governors. This is a norm that we have seen in this state and other states in the past.

So, all these forces inevitably await the Governor in his match to producing his successor in 2019. He should therefore start preparing now.

In all, like Niaja Bet, the odds are high. Some may win while some will lose. Whether Governor Okorocha will come out triumphantly is only time will tell

It is at this point that I shall pause. Until next week, please be reminded once again that we are Apostles on the Altar of Truth. Truth has always been our energizer. We are addicted to Truth and it is only the same Truth that will continue to set us free.


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