The Lies APC Told Us About PDP 16 Years Rule.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) keep blaming PDP for their misfortune, as if Nigeria was better of before the 16years of PDP rule.

I remember before the 16years of PDP, things were really tough and rough for Nigerians. I remember trekking a distance of about 10km to load sawdust that we would use to power Abacha stove. Kerosene and electric Stoves were for the elites, even at that, there was scarcity of kerosene. If you can’t afford Gas cooker, Electric stove, Kerosene stove, or Abacha stove, you’ll go for Firewood.

Electricity ‘NEPA’ was not stable, people were forced to buy generators, which needed gasolines that were either nonexistent or were exorbitantly priced.

I remember that in the whole of Ado Ekiti, houses with Nitel Telephone lines were not up to 500, but that has changed, as 150Million Nigerians are now active telecoms subscribers, thanks to #PDP16Years.

As at 1998, before Abdulsalam Abubakar increased minimum wage from N800 to N5,200, universities lecturers were earning N3,000 as minimum wage, their very survival from month to month depended on how much extra money they could make from being ‘kabu-kabu’ drivers, emergency contractors, subsistence farmers, etc.

Before #PDP16Years, civil servants were tenants, in fact 90% of them could not boast of buildings of their own. But that changed drastically, when PDP increased their wages from paltry sum they used to get to the Udoji they are getting now. Majority of residential buildings now are owned by civil servants ( I stand to be corrected), thanks to #PDP16Years.

Before #PDP16Years, rickety cars populated Nigerian roads. The best we had then were Mercedes and Peugeot used by government people and heads of companies, but now, that ugly story has changed! Civil servants, artisans, even students now cruise cool rides.. As bad as they have made PDP look, and as ugly as they have painted PDP, the party changed Nigeria for better.

Before #PDP16Years rule, Nigerians were used to watching Black & white TV’s, coloured Televisions were for the rich people, but today, the story has also changed. Thanks to PDP, the bridge builder.

I remember that eating polished Rice used to be twice a year what we were used to, in this part of the country were Egbo, Iyan koko, Tuho, Feregede, Wayi-wayi, Muke, Abari etc. PDP came and updated our menus, yet the APC who in less than 3years destroyed everything good about Nigeria keep blaming PDP.

Nigerians roads especially the Federal roads, before #PDP16Years were potholes riddled. In Ekiti, Ado to Ilesha that shouldn’t be more than 60mins drive on a good motorable road used to be 2-2½hrs depending on your navigation. But today, the story has changed. Thanks to #PDP16Years

Today in Nigeria, all the states of the Federation including Abuja have Higher Institutions of learning, credit goes to #PDP16Years rule

PDP economic teams were not Patrons of Herdsmen or cows rearers. They’re financial experts, seasoned economists, technocrats, and best in their respective fields, that was why they were able to record so much successes they recorded.

In less than 3years they (APC) are in charge. Thing have inexplicably gone from better to worst. The Bag of rice that was sold for N7,000 under PDP now goes for N18,000 under APC.

Governance isn’t by propaganda, it is by result. Under APC, the PMS is now N200/ltr as against N87/ltr that Nigerians bought it under PDP. Dollar to Naira under PDP was N100 to $1 but now, it is $1 to N370

It is obvious, PDP did not destroy Nigeria, they only corrected what Buhari and his military juntas had years back destroyed.

PDP delivered, yes! The party did it’s best, but it’s highly unfortunate and regrettable, Nigerians thought they could get better option, they fell cheaply for APC deceits, and ended up fallen from GRACE to grass.

It is not too late to right the wrong, not too late to chase away the prodigal ineffectual buffoons running the Nation’s affair. 2019 is around the corner. We must get it right this time around.

Debola Akingbade


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