There are no more waters in the Benue but a flowing river of tears. It has been many months that I have been wandering on her quiet banks with a fishing net in my hands but since then, I have neither seen a rippling of water from a swimming fish nor a bubble of water from a breathing fish. They are all dead!! Is this how the owner of the food basket will spend yet another day and night starving out on the cold deserted river bank? My food basket is under attack from some nomadic pests and she is going empty after each bite. WHO WILL TELL THE PRESIDENT?

That the northern wild blades have slaughtered my wife, raped my pregnant daughter and cut open her womb and slit the throat of the little life growing inside of her. I cried to my governor and asked him to see what they have done, but his poor vision saw nothing to draw a tear from his eyes. Little wonder he makes friends with snakes! WHO WILL TELL THE PRESIDENT?

That I can no longer feed the nation. The crops on my farm lands have been served as feed to cows by the Fulani herdsmen and I have nothing to say about it. Anyone who dares to challenge them on what rightfully belongs to him/her ends up being butchered like an animal. SOMETIMES I WONDER IF MY PRESIDENT READS THE NEWS?

He would have seen that all the stories of my woes are nothing but the truth. I now live with the fear that I might be the next to kiss their ever hungry blades. I have been made to look like I am less of a man, for what man can not protect his family from danger? Oh! WHO WILL TELL THE PRESIDENT that we have been turned into a slaves in our own land?

My people no longer boast of the glory of old age as their lives are cut short by these wild wandering fools, my children can no longer go out to play in the playground and my young men can not even protest for their rights, as the government kills them and leaves the butcher to walk free and continue with his massacre. WHO WILL TELL THE PRESIDENT?

That the people of Benue are lovers of peace and advocates of development, who submitted their arms for peace to reign and entrusted their lives into the hands of the government who promised to always protect and keep them safe. It is obvious we kept our word and gave out every last weapon in our possession, that is why we are now left defenceless in the face of this man slaughter. But our leaders have failed us, by failing to protect us from these cow-headed illiterates. WHO WILL TELL THE PRESIDENT THAT PEACE IS BETTER THAN WAR?

I hope you have not forgotten who WE ARE (Tiv People)?? In case you have forgotten, let me remind you that we are the children of Takuruku Anyam Adzenga! The great Warrior who led his people from Congo to Nigeria, conquering every man and beast that stood in his way. He led his people into Nigeria on the Cameroon Cheda River, walking on the back of a great green snake (Ikyaren) which formed the bridge for them. I HOPE THE PRESIDENT HAVE BEEN TOLD?

That it was at the hand of the TIV people of Benue State that the Fulani Jihad was crushed, when the Tiv warriors shot and killed the leader of the Jihad USMAN DANFODIO with just a single cobra/mamber poisoned arrow? It is too soon to forget the account of the jihadists who fled after their leader was killed. You should ask them what they saw and heard! I HOPE THE PRESIDENT IS STILL LISTENING??

We are still the same Tiv people of yesteryears. The blood of the great warrior Takuruku Anyam Adzenga runs through our veins like a furious fire craving to consume. It is clear they could not have defeated us at the Jihad, so they like the devil, have come back at a more opportune time to strike back. Ah… I now see where all these started from and where it is going to. These little vultures wouldn’t have even dared to step a foot on the Benue soil had we not embraced peace over war. I HOPE THE PRESIDENT KNOWS THIS??

Our warmth and kindness have killed us. We chose to forget the sins of Usman Danfodio and allowed his offsprings a second chance of peace, but this is what we get instead. We respect the law and refuse to raise a hand to defend ourselves against anyone who attacks us, giving the law the sole duty of lives and properties protection, but what do we get in instead? More chaos that is given a blind eye by the government, our so called “protector.” WHO WILL TELL THE PRESIDENT that we are now pushed to the wall??

Asema ase nga AWAMBE, AWAMBE! (Our hearts are full of blood!) Is the song we sing when we are pushed so tight to the wall and the furious fire in our bones burn uncontrollably with a desire to burst out into raging flames to devour whatever and whoever it is that is making life hard for us. You wouldn’t blame us (warriors instincts)! I HOPE YOU TELL THE PRESIDENT IT DOESN’T GET TO THIS!!

The blood of our slain people cry in the still of the night and say that you, Mr. President is also a Fulani man. Little wonder you have not commented on these unfortunate incidences. But we have chosen to pretend for a while that this is not so. Please don’t make us to think otherwise! All we want is peace, so tell your wild dogs to stay off our land! I BELIEVE YOU SHOULD HAVE BY NOW TOLD THE PRESIDENT??

That is easier to start a war than to end it. You should also know that we are very, very, sick of seeing the blood of our loved ones. For Christ’s sake STOP your dogs!! Because when or if they strike again…#we will not only rid them off our land but also gear up and go to war. A word is enough for the wise! Do the needful or dance to the drums of war.




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