Going from 2018 to 2019 regarding Election or No- Election, the alternative to the absolutely reckless gamble with the lives of over 50 million People that will be anchored on *PVC* against *AK47* is to the dissolution and dismantling of the defunct Federation of Nigeria inside 2018 before the Southward Sweeping Fulani terror machine completes its undisguised already ongoing *Conquest, Islamization* and *Colonization* campaign, currently charging through the Middle Belt Territories. The fighting force driving that campaign is within one hour swift, tactical forest maneuver, from the northern boundaries of Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, and upper Cross-River (Ogoja area via Gakem)

The LNC and its MNN Alliance Partners will do whatever it will take including taking on our own people most frontally, to halt the journey to Golgotha which the 2019 Electoral round represents for the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, but most particularly, Eastern Nigeria.

In the reckoning of the LNC and the rest of the Eastern Nigeria Self-Determination Collective, there is absolutely no difference between the APC, the PDP, APGA, UPP, etc *so long as they cling tenaciously to the atrocious Master-Servant Constitution 1999 of Nigeria as the basis of Nigeria, its democracy and the Election they all seek to contest in 2019*

In engaging this life and death situation encircling Igboland and the rest of Eastern Nigeria, no distinction will be made between the Party Merchants from the various Political Parties railroading everyone to the 2019 Electoral rendezvous instead of joining the very urgent task of seeking whatever extricating we may be able to enact inside 2018.

Let it be absolutely clear to those from Eastern Nigeria who stand with the Fulani-imposed 1999 Constitution that power the massive enshacklement of Eastern Nigeria and causing much misery and danger to the populace, *that they, more than any foes from afar, are directly responsible for the miseries of Eastern Nigeria* since it is their participation that validate the continuing running of Nigeria and Igboland with that obnoxious Constitution 1999.

For the avoidance of doubt, neither myself nor the LNC is suggesting that the East Boycotts the 2019 Election. Such would be self-defeating. What I have put before us is a firm notice that inside 2018, we as a People (Igbo) would have to decide whether we wobble on with the chain Nigeria put on our legs and hands in the form of a Constitution, pretending that we are in a democracy OR we firmly reject that chain and that pretence by opting out of any further renewal of our enslavement under that 1999 Constitution by way of an Election in 2019.

There will be no evading this decision in 2018 because if we do, our captors and conquerors, who in pursuit of their own Strategic Agenda of political conquest *Colonization* already rushed out with the Timetable for 2019 Elections, will carry through the pretence before the global community, that Nigeria is deepening its democracy by heading to its *”scheduled”* 2019 Elections.

We are not anarchists and so we point both Nigeria and our Igbo brethren in various Political Parties to the *1990-1994 Transitioning example of Apartheid South Africa under President Frederick De Klerk* when his Government and the Political Establishment, finally agreed with those who were rejecting the Master-Servant Apartheid Constitution of South Africa *on the streets* that a new Constitutional Order would have to be negotiated.

Though elected under the Apartheid Constitution, the first decisive step Klerk took in the 1990 turnaround initiative, was to announce the suspension of all further National Elections under the Apartheid Constitution and to Convene the *CODESA* that negotiated and distilled a new Multiracial Constitutional Order for South Africa upon which the 1994 Election won by Mandela’s ANC.

The LNC contends that Nigeria has reached that bus stop South Africa reached in 1990 and MUST rid itself of the Master-Servant Constitutional Order through an immediate *Transitioning Arrangement* that could retain the existing governance structures on a Transitional basis, instead of plunging on to another Election in 2019 that is bound to end in absolute disaster and much bloodshed.

(Ndi IMO should please not worry at all about the ugly spectre of retaining the lunacy in Doughlas House another hour beyond the current cycle of misfortune. A Regional answer will see to that. More on this offline)

The LNC had cautioned the Politicians as they all rushed single-mindedly to the 2015 Elections, *that the winner of that Election will not find any Nigeria to govern* if it was conducted. (View the YouTube title *Ahead of 2015 Elections* by STV to see one episode of the frantic alarm bell the LNC was ringing)

The reckless political class and the multitude of their ill-informed followers scoffed at us and obdurately went ahead with their folly and gamble, chanting Democracy, Free and Fair Election, and all such jaded jargons. The World clapped and cheered. Where are we now?

The Nigerian Union, as we can all now see, collapsed beyond any possible redemption because the 2015 went on. Much bloodshed has followed it and it takes the absolutely blind not to see that much more bloodshed is in the horizon *unless we immediately halt the journey to 2019* and wheel the profusely bleeding Nigeria into the operation theatre for *Reconfiguration*

Mindful of the Zik/Eyo-Ita saga of the 50s, from which the East has not recovered to date, as we gingerly navigated the 2013/2015 period, the LNC hands were severely restrained by the overwhelming push from Peoples of the Lower Niger, our own People, to retain the Presidency of Jonathan for another season. Many did not see the approaching dangers we saw which I had the onerous task of sharing in charged Meeting sessions with President Jonathan at the Presidential Villa, in the presence of the Ijaw Chief combatants in the Creeks (whose exertions forced the concession of the Presidency to the Region) as we pressed hard to halt the journey to 2015. The best our efforts could yield was the 2014 National Conference, truncated even before it took off by the Tinubu-led Alliance of Conservative North and the renegade wing of the South West which marauded as APC. The finishing damage on the Conference was done by our very brother Pius Anyim.

These great distortions forced things on a totally different trajectory and so the 2015 Election had to fought with our two hands tied up by Washington.

That Jonathan returned from the risk he took on our joint behalves with his head on his shoulders was an Act of God (unlike Ironsi who committed the same sacrilege of sitting on the throne of Ahmadu Bello). At the appropriate time more will be shared on this.

Today, the LNC (supported this time by its MNN Alliance Partners), and for the sake of the traumatized and endangered millions of our People, is determined to go beyond merely urging repentance and restraint from Nigeria’s reckless political merchants and gamblers, to taking steps that will halt the doomed journey to 2019 they are forcing upon all.

The decision to be on one side or the other of these propositions will have to be taken individually by all of us early enough in 2018.


Tony Nnadi


January 23, 2018


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