During my secondary school days my Geography teacher taught us the earth evidences to prove that the earth is spherical. One is called Ship visibility. It stated that when the ship is approaching the harbour, the Mast is seen before the hall.

Could this trending letter be the Mast of the approaching ship?

Well, there’s simply a limit to all human endurance.

This government has pushed the envelope to near the limit. It has proven adamant and insensitive to people’s suffering and pain. Prompting so many people to lend their voices to the gathering voices of reason.

From local officials like Senators Ben Bruce to Dino Melaye, to so many other prominent men and women from across other regions especially the SouthEast zone, all the way to the latest bombshell from the former President Obasanjo. Some have even called the letter the quite notice or Yellow card for now, and for good reasons given the OBJ antecedents. But for me, it is a mere mast we have seen that simply signals the approaching of the ship. This letter simply gave an indication that it is no longer local content only.

Yet, some people still somehow are under the illusion that it is business as usual.

No matter what individual or group political interests are, one must first survive and stay alife for that political interest to make sense or come to fruition. Dead people don’t play politics. Am sure among that 70 people butchered in Benue in the most gruesome ways are people that perhaps actually voted for this government and celebrated in endless Euphoria for their victory. But little did they know that they have signed their death warrants.

That’s why those that still plan to support this leadership for whatever parochial interest actually surprises me, even though their support might in the end prove grossly insufficient to stop the approaching ship to the harbour.

And I ask; On what basis will this government be returned to power in 2019? Just an open Question.

Some in certain geopolitical zones seem to have resolved that they must preserve the distant and inconsequential second fiddle they are playing in the scheme of our flawed federal system and in this government. Among some Section of the SouthWest and even in SouthEast some spent fuel politicians are clamouring to sustain their paymaster and paycheck. They wish to sustain this nightmare for another four years. Regardless of the trail of tears and blood. Not minding the fast track Road to serfdom and nihilism. But I can almost assure those with this mindset, that it is not the Southwest that will decide this election, as the ship is approaching the harbour and it is not a local content only affair.

And for the record, SouthWest has never been the main determinant of who emergies President in this country. They did not decide the emergence of Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa in 1960 as they stood behind Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Action Group. They did not decide or help in emergence of Shehu Shagari in 1979, they confined themselves behind Chief Awolowo and the UPN yet again. Then in 1999, they rejected their own son Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and yet it did not stop the emergence of OBJ as the President for two terms. Then Come Jonathan, SouthWest was divided , yet Jonathan was elected. Today some beat their chest as the King makers and threatening to sustain this nightmare they helped to bring about without apologies, even while the very wise and strategically driven elders are having a rethink and pushing for restructuring and Southern Solidarity that will help address the injustices and the dysfunctional system we have in place today in a more fundamental ways.

They are rather preoccupied with the crumbs that will fall from the Masters table just like the house Nigger that is given access to the big house 7in the plantation. They will never desire to better their lot. Afterall, they are better than the rest of the slaves. Lost in their minds is fact that slaves are slaves regardless of their status in the plantations.

The people of South Africa did not fight and defeat apartheid because they were suffering more than other Africans – No! They fought because of the humiliation they suffered in their own land. Same with the civil right movement in America. What is transpiring today in Nigeria in most instances far outweigh the sins that were committed in South Africa and America to cause people to rise up and demand for change. But this is that famous Black on black crime that often go unoticed.

This time around, the dumb certainty of experience has brought the reality home to the people of Middlebelt and elsewhere and all those who have been dwelling in fools paradise in most parts of this country. Those who have all along maintained cold ambivalence and deafening silence in the face of perennial injustices and violence in this country. Instead they choose often to justify such impunity with all manners of falsehood and self serving narratives. All of a sudden the words genocide and massacre that have been confined to SouthEast area and old Eastern Nigeria is now commonly used everywhere across the Middlebelt and even Southwest, all thanks to the killer herdsmen that have unleashed mayhem in a country governed by a former military General who promised to personally lead from the front and his clannnish cabinet.

So hopefully the sad experience of the Middlebelt people will translate into new strategic alliances that will translate into a new political architecture that will tilt towards those they share far more natural affinity than those they been brainwashed to love and protect at their ultimate detriment as it turned out now. So that we can finally begin to address the structural defects that have made days like these possible. Truth be told, I doubt if there are any other options in the era of clash of civilizations.

The Middlebelt people will decide the up coming election if indeed we manage to have one as the divergent and opposing forces are reaching a critical mass.

We are where we are today because the Bola Tinubu Ahmed Jagaban political machine refused to heed the advice and counsel of more experienced Yoruba leaders. He convinced all and sundry to follow him to what seems now to be a dead end.

So regardless of what any section of this country might think or say; this country is overdue for total overhaul. The Mast is already sighted as the ship of this nation is approaching the harbour and it is not a local content only anymore.

We must insist on Restructuring that will get the 800ib gorilla we call the FGN (Federal government of Nigeria) off our backs as we return to a more workable regional government with fiscal federalism.

Finally, May we remind our selves that at all relevant times that this country is still a strategic part of the global community, a strategic balance of power in the sub-region and Africa. Nigeria also has some important natural resources that made them signatories to some important global bodies and institutions. What this means is that this nation as much as we claim soverignty and independence is not left strictly to our domestic affairs, it is not local content only.

This is the significance of that OBJ’s letter. We cannot continue on this rutherless misadventure that has the potential of disrupting the global economic, political and social order. It is obvious that this government came into power with assurance and perhaps deals to keep to certain criteria, especially in this era of clash of civilizations, whether they’ve kept to their own end of the bargain is a different matter. I serioulsy doubt it as OBJ’S letter may have implied.

If the past experience and the thinking paradigm of the Global power in a Unipolar world is anything to go by, then Something from their own calculation must give in this country. Nigeria is simply too big and too strategic to be left to the whims and caprices of a handfull of people that seem not to understand the secularity and the complexities of this Country or simply do not care.

We now harken back to the trending 13 page letter of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo. A letter or that some have come to view as the first quite notice to the current Buhari government. Well, what makes one man’s oponion more important than the rest of Nigeria people?

Honestly, as much as some of us wish to see the end of the current nightmare, as much as we applaud this move, in my personal opinion it is equally a very disturbing trend and simply lend credence or underscores the dysfunctional nature of our society. A society where individuals and not institutions looms way higher in the scheme of affairs. In other words when the individual opinion and interests of these demi gods collides with that of the public and the citizens, not the people represented by institutions that will prevail and reign supreme, it is that of individuals like OBJ. What a country, what a society?

In this particular instance so many people may not realize that OBJ represents a wider Interest of the global community. That is why he’s the mast that we have now seen as the main titanic is approaching the harbour.

Let me explain here that as some major Western powers did not participate in colonialism, therefore lack the affinities and leverage that countries like Great Britian and France have in their colonies, People like OBJ bridges that gap for countries like the United States and Canada. That is why he must be taken seriously. And even if he OBJ still personally want to preserve or support Buhari as he has always maintained until few days ago something greater and larger than him may have instructed him to do the sudden U-turn and fire that first shot. He really has little or no choice than to carry out the instructions. He has played this role even before now, it is not local content only.

Need we remind those who are now attempting to bad mouth or castigate Baba that it was same kind of letter that brought them into power in 2015 and same kind of letter may get them out of power in 2019.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed as 2015 scenario seem to be repeating on the reversed side, with the likes of Senator Dino Malaye screaming loud enough for even the deaf and dumb to hear. But this time unlike 2015 , there are added ingredients of a more divided and angry nation, at the backdrop of very stubborn leadership that have all the unique peculiarities of all the celebrated dictators of the past who simply don’t seem to realize when their time is up because they live in the world that have since seized to exist.

2019 is looking very interesting at the same time very murky and bleak.

God help us.

Chris O.Maduka

Public Affairs and Policy Analyst

Jan 27, 2018


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