Almighty PVC and the sorrows to follow.

In 2019, millions will be shocked, especially southerners to their bone marrow and foundations. Those who solely depend on their PVCs to deliver them from Buhari’s gulag called Nigeria will have something coming. What’s is coming? Better imagined than believed.

For starters, you must wonder why Buhari stacked the INEC, an electoral umpire with his own men and women. Secondly, think deeply why the same INEC has not published the current numbers as they pertain to the distribution of PVCs across the country.

It’s heartwarming to see millions of southerners trooping or struggling to get registered and obtain their almighty PVCs. Sadly, while southerners are struggling to get registered, get their PVCs, PVCs will be distributed wholesale to northerners via mosques, district heads, and almanjiri who will be transported from Tchad and Niger Republic because our borders to the north will be conveniently merged with our northern neighbors. Fulanis from Tchad and Niger can just walk into Nigeria unhindered by our border guards and Customs.

Aside from this influx of “emergency new” citizens to Nigeria, don’t forget how the population figures of Kano and other nearby states will be inflated well ahead of the PVC numbers collected in the south. As we speak, INEC is doing the math, INEC knows how many places in the south will be “starved” of PVCs to depress the votes across the south.

While that is one of INEC’s many ways to shock and awe southerners, there’s no guarantee that even with your PVC you can get to vote. Without election materials arriving your polling station, you will return home with your magic PVC and sulking tears into your pillow for the rest of the night. You know, a supplementary vote on a later date means, your vote is as good as not counted.

At this stage of the preparations for the 2019 presidential elections, Buhari must be feeling good about his “chances”! Why not, if all his ducks are now being properly arranged? For now, the public is disatisfied about the president’s performance and his opinion poll numbers are staying at the bottom of the Benue river. But opinion poll numbers is not part of Buhari’s headache as much as how INEC will use and coordinate its logistics on election day to frustrate, disappoint and shock voters in such places as Twon Brass, Ahoada, Southern Ijaw, Adagbabiri, Okigwe, Nsukka, so on and so forth.

With the above, what is the southern strategy? Simple. The strategy is for the whole south to plan to pull out of Nigeria or demand the complete restructuring of the country now than later. It makes no sense in a pluralistic society such as Nigeria for all chiefs of security agencies to come from the north. Plus, every other vital parastatal to come from the north. Plus the fact that the vital resources of the south are used to service the entitlement philosophy of just one region to the exclusion of the very people who own the resources!

As someone rightly pointed out, while southerners are busy watching BBN and EPL, northerners are strategising, putting things together and planning to be bused into trailers from the south to the north days before election day. But it doesn’t matter what southerners do, the die is cast, a northerner will be “declared” the winner by INEC come 2019. Only way out of the jam? For the south to say on Restructuring We Stand or we are on SPLITSVILLE!

Ebi B Asain


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