History of Terrorism in Nigeria.

The number one terrorists in Nigeria are the Fulanis.

They came like sheep to Nigeria.
They had their way.

They killed off all the Hausa rulers and chiefs and islamized them.

Fulanis are strangers.

They are different from Hausas.
Hausas are indigenous. They are Nigerians. They were not Muslims.

Their rulers welcomed Uthman Dan Fodio into the North from a strange land.

Uthman Dan Fodio is a fulani who came with his fulani warriors.
By night they planned. In the morning, the Hausas woke up to see their land burning.

Their Shehus have been wiped out. All killed and Emirs installed in their land.

They now extended their Caliphate to the whole of North.

It was only Borno that was not conquered. And that is why you still have the Shehu of Borno.

The rulers of Hausa land are not called Emirs. They are called Shehus.
After killing millions of Hausas. They gave them Islam. They married their women.

They had a lot of children with them. And it now seems as if Hausa and Fulani are the same.


Even an Hausa knows the difference between him and the Fulani.

Fulanis rule over them.

Fulanis will even start to kill them now if they wake up and want to rule themselves.

Fulanis extended their dominance.
They invaded Yoruba land.

They killed millions of Yorubas, their children, their mothers, fathers; their Obas and their Chiefs.

Fulani conquered the Yorubas. Gave them Islam.

Because the Fulani has wiped off all the Yoruba rulers of Kwara and Ilorin, they installed their Emirs and extended their Caliphate on Yoruba land.

Remember that these Fulani terrorists are not even Nigerians.
They came to Nigeria and was welcomed by the Hausas whom they killed off.

Now it was the turn of the Yorubas.
They enslaved the Yorubas.
Today more than half of the Yorubas are Muslims.

This is the history of how Yorubas became Muslims.

They bought the religion with the blood of their fathers and mothers and children from Uthman Dan Fodio and his fulani warriors.
Now the Fulani went further.

They penetrated Edo land. Killed many of them and managed to extend Islam to their land.

Today, a good number of Edo men and women are Muslims.

It was in Asaba that they were defeated by Igbo warriors who pushed them back. That was why Asaba and the whole Igbo land rejected Islam.

Yet the terrorism of the Fulanis did not stop. It is still in their mind to continue to enslave and dominate and islamize the whole indigenous Nigerians.

The Fulanis now signed a secret pact with Britain.

Britain now handed the political, military and economic power of the country to the Fulanis. In exchange for the Fulani to continue to allow them take charge of the affairs of Nigeria through the Fulanis.

Britain knows that with the warlike attitude of the Fulanis and their gullibility to western standards due to their inherent ignorance and illiteracy, they can still control the entire resources of Nigeria through the Fulanis.

Ask yourself:

Why is it that the Fulanis who are strangers to the country who came into Nigeria with a secret agenda of enslaving the people and enforcing Islam on them, why will such people even though strangers are in charge of the army, the Senate, the house of rep and the Nigeria’s court and civil service?

Why will strangers who do not have any ancestral place of their own in a land, dominate all the freeborn and indigenous people?

It is because the colonial masters made it so.

They installed them there for a purpose.

Why have Nigerians failed to ask questions?

In history it can be proven that Fulani has murdered millions of Hausa, Yoruba, Edo indigenes to islamize them by force.

In history it can be proven that the Fulani has also used the Middle Belt whom they have also terrorized and killed in millions too, trying to Islamize them, Fulani has used them to wage a war against the Igbos in the Biafran war.

Why are the Fulani succeeding so much?

The answer is because Britain is helping and using them against the whole Nigerian people. If it is not so, why has Britain who claims a Christian nation not condemn the activities of Fulani Cattle herdsmen that have killed thousands of Christians in the North, East, West, and South today?

With this cattle herdsmen they continued their terrorism, and carrying out their islamization agenda they started all the way, from the days of Uthman Dan Fodio that slaughtered millions of Hausas, Igallas, Edo, Nupe, Yorubas, and all those Nigerians they forced to become Muslims.

The answer is also because this set of Islamized Yorubas, and Edo, and the Middle Belt people are now the slaves of their Fulani masters who had murdered their ancestors to force Islam on them. The Fulani has also bought many Igbo political leaders like Judas Iscariot to serve their agenda.

They have no voice of their own.
They cannot stand on their feet.
They must always profess the glory of their Islamic Fulani lords.

This is the history of Terrorism in Nigeria.

But the slaves of the Fulanis will read this, yet they cannot understand. Only those with liberated minds will understand, irrespective of their tribe or religion.

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