Truth is: Unless Nigeria is redefined to become “Our Project” instead of the Criminal Enterprise it had been from 1914 when the British cobbled it together for their own Commercial Interests, to when in 1960, their Local Agents, the Fulani were coronated to run it as a British/Caliphate Joint Venture, to now, when subsidiaries have been conscripted into the Criminal Enterprise from all over the Country by virtue of Fraudulent Unitary Constitution, the Nigeria defined by that Fraudulent Constitution 1999 is not “Our Project”.

The Self-Evident “We” versus “Them” reality that manifest in virtually all spheres, Horizontal and Vertical, is a product of this fundamental anomaly, whether we talk of the unspoken Ethnic Hierarchical pyramid which the Fulani born-to-rule, perch atop, or the Wealth/Income Pyramid which the Politicians and their acolytes perch atop.

In seeking a resolution of the Nigerian Question, The Horizontal part of the Question, must be separated from the Vertical and the entire intervention MUST be in two stages, to deal first with the Horizontal, and then the Vertical. Any other approach is like building a house from the roof, and therefore an exercise in futility.

Looking honestly at the truth that the Federation of Nigeria collapsed since 1966 when the 5 Constitutions (4 Regional, 1 Federal) which defined “Our” Federation, were toppled and jettisoned, and replaced by imposed Unitarism, it is now beyond debate, that practically ALL the dysfunctions, wrongs, evils and malfeasances we lament now, have their roots in that 1966 tectonic shift from Federal Basis to Unitarism, whether we are talking about Corruption, insecurity, Infrastructural decay, System Malfunction and Dysfunction, across tiers and arms of governance as well as mass poverty and hopelessness.

The Horizontal Part is one of Geography and that is where you start the Two-Stage process, by redefining the Federating Units, whereby the conscious grouping of willing compatible contiguities, aggregate into Constitutional Blocs, along the lines of the 1960/1963 formations, subject of course to any adjustments that may be dictated by the current realities, for example, the Middle Belt that is no longer desirous of continuing in the One-North hoax.

With Federating Constitutions distilled, the Process of Unionizing the Regional Constitutions would commence amongst willing compatible contiguities, as Sovereign, largely autonomous Blocs, exploring mutually beneficial Protocols to create an economy of scales, with the caveat that incompatible civilizations such as Sharia and Feudalism would be excluded from the fresh Protocols being forged.

It is heartwarming to note that the Two-Stage Modalities articulated by the Yoruba National Assembly in their June 24th 2017 Communiqué, especially the key start of Internal Regional Referendum, satisfy this procedural imperative since a Federation is quite simply a Union of Constitutions.

Distilling and Unionizing Federating Constitutions in the 2-Stage process outlined here is the content of the “Restructuring” that could arrest the drift to the abyss for Nigeria. All other descriptions of Restructuring that are built on the current fraudulent foundation upon which Nigeria currently stands, amount to marginal tokenism and so are bound to fail.

It is also in this Two-Stage Process that Self-Determination is reconciled with Restructuring.

Refusing to take the steps prescribed by the aforementioned Yoruba National Assembly June 24, 2017 Communiqué, creates a default in which the Constituent Component Blocs of Nigeria simply mind their spaces to begin the daunting Reconstruction Tasks for their respective Blocs since the fraudulent 1999 Constitution that created and defined the unworkable Unitarism we now have, has been repudiated and rejected by the entrapped Constituent Component Regional Blocs especially in Southern Nigeria as amply stated in the June 24th Yoruba Communiqué as well as the Uturu Declaration of October 2016 where the East declared the rejection of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution, demanding a return to the 1963 Republican Federation Model which got truncated in 1966.

The Niger Delta was the first to repudiate and reject the 1999 Constitution which comprehensively expropriate the Region of both their Oil and Gas Assets as well as huge Maritime Resources, since 2008 when the Conference of Ethnic Nationalities of the Niger Delta publicly presented the well reasoned position of the Niger Delta.

The Communiqué to this effect signed by Prof Kimse Okoko as Chairman and Mr Mike Orobator as Secretary was published in the Vanguard of July 31, 2008.(Copy posted below).

It would be recalled that the 12 Contiguous States of the predominantly Muslim North were the first to repudiate and reject the 1999 Construction and therefore the Union of Nigeria when in year 2000 they simultaneously imposed Sharia. This at law, translates to a secession from the Constitutionally Secular State of Nigeria. The rest of Nigeria merely went on to rework their future in viable, cohesive formations as depicted in the MNN Broken Map of Nigeria, within their inalienable right to Self-Determination.

Put differently, the implication of these express repudiations and rejection of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution by the Constituent Component Blocs is that Nigeria is, to all intents and purposes, currently in Technical Dissolution and that unless it is consciously Reconstituted by the 2-Stage Process outlined herein, unilateral Regional Processes to draw up fresh Successor-Protocols from the currently defunct Federation of Nigeria, is well underway and might result in the emergence of outrightly Independent Units of Successor-States.

This is what has been sensationally described as the “Disintegration” of Nigeria. It is quite simply, a Reconfiguration of the defunct Federation of Nigeria, following the failure of Consensus around the Restructuring Imperative to retain a Union of Nigeria.

The resolution of the all-important Horizontal Part of the Nigeria Question automatically rectifies and corrects the roots cause of the aforementioned systemic dysfunctions, evils and malfeasances.

The Vertical Part of the Nigerian Question relating to the Rich/Poor Divide across Country, will automatically resolve itself once the Horizontal part of the Question is addressed because each freed Bloc will dethrone the monsters that ruled and eventually consumed the defunct Federation of Nigeria, particularly Corruption. Each Bloc would of course reset their Objectives and Systems in a manner radically different from the British-erected , Fulani-Sustained Criminal Enterprise called “Nigeria” which we have tried unsuccessfully for 103 years to transform into “Our Project”.

The Mistake of 1914 has failed to Rise above the Mere Geographical Expression it was at the onset. The Grand Mosaic of a Country has failed to evolve into a cohesive Nation-State.

New arrangements must now emerge to halt the toxicity, carnage and destruction Nigeria now represents to the majority of those currently called “Nigerians”, but who in their hearts resent that appellation and whose first loyalty is their to their Ethnic/Regional Bloc.



Tony Nnadi

July 2, 2017.

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