“Before pointing accusing fingers to the Igbos who didn’t declare war on Ikwerre land, i want you to tell me how come the Ijaws became land owners in P.H when the rivers were our boundaries prior to the civil war?

How come the Northerner who claimed to be fighting for you ended up hijacking the same resources they accused Igbos of planning to take away from us?

Are the northerners and Yorubas still not in charge of our resources ?

Who emptied the oil wells in Ikwerre land?

Igbos, Northerners or Yorubas?

Didn’t Ken Saro Wiwa accuse Ijaws of hijacking the same state he risked his life for?

Did Ojukwu declare war on Ikwerre land or was it not the Ijaws and Ogoni who brought in the federal troops to Ikwerreland and accused us of being Biafrans so that the Nigerian troops will eliminate all of us so that they can take over our lands?

Of course, they were the brain behind the declaration of abandoned property and they gained it more. Take it or leave it,

Ojukwu saw what we are going through today from the Northerners and the Yoruba allies and dared to stop it and paid dearly for it.

Even Asari Dokubo has said that if they had known, they would have supported Ojukwu to actualise Biafra.

Ikwerre should stop joining the Ijaws to fight Igbos because our real enemies are with us, the Ijaws.

Despite all the resources, what can we boast of that the Igbos whose properties were declared abandoned properties do not have?

Almost all oil companies operating in Niger Delta have their Headquarters in Lagos.

How many seaports and Airports are working like those in Lagos?

You do not want to see Igbo names in Port Harcourt streets but you like that of slave masters names like Olusegun Obasanjo road or Yakubu Gowon, abi?

Port Harcourt was invaded by federal troops killing and raping our mothers and daughters.

If not for THE SMARTNESS OF OUR PEOPLE who OPENLY DENIED BEING IGBO OR BIAFRANS out of fear, all our people would have been killed and our land taken over by Ijaws and Ogonis.

After the war, our land was joined in the abandoned properties declaration which prompted the Ijaws to cross over and take over some parts of Ikwerre land under the guise of fisher men.

One of the reasons Gowon refused to implement the Aburi accord was because of our resource control.

But the same Gowon made us believe that Ojukwu wanted our resources when in reality the north and west were the ones who wanted our resources.

They succeeded in making us see Ojukwu as the thief and also caused division among us, and while we were still in our dilemma, they took over our resources till date.

Biafra’s mission was good for all especially the minorties. But due to our short sightedness, we collectively worked against Biafra and now we are paying dearly for it.

Today, the Ijaws, Ikwerres, Ogonis and other ethnic groups are bleeding tears of blood.

Bakassi area of Cross River state has been given to Cameroon and our brothers and sisters over there are being abused and raped by cameroonians till date while the Nigeria government is doing nothing about it.

This is part of the price we are paying.

Ikwerres should open their eyes to realise that we are fighting the wrong people and dinning with the wrong people.

It is written in the Bible that only a fool will kill his dog that would have alerted him when there is danger.

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