Buhari’s sectarian agenda unravels. By Eke O Eke

Buhari has found himself in exactly the same position he was in 1983 before he was overthrown by Babangida.

His sectarian agenda has stalled as marginalised and terrorised communities brace to defend themselves in the face of failure of the police to safeguard them.

Buhari is not criticised because he is Fulani. Those who are insinuating that Buhari’s critics are motivated by sectarian reasons, are either partisan or uninformed to say the least. It is both disingenuous and preposterous to suggest so.

Buhari is lambasted because of his nepotistic attitude, incompetence and his failure to act honestly, fairly, decisively and dispassionately towards all, irrespective of ethnicity or religion, particularly in issues, where either Islam or his kinsmen are involved.

His failure is even more tragic and unforgivable, when viewed against the background that democracy was invented to enable men govern justly and humanly.

In fact, the essence of democracy is to stop men from using and exercising power to achieve personal objectives, the way the likes of Buhari, Rochas Okorocha etc, are doing.

Buhari government has failed in the primary duty of government, which is to protect people from the use of force against them.

This is why the way Buhari is using the army and police to intimidate, harass, threaten, protect Fulani herdsmen and attack citizens, who are exercising their fundamental right to self determination, is tragic.

In governance, especially in a multiethnic nation, Buhari’s behaviour is grievous, unacceptable and unconscionable.

Buhari has no business being the president, if he does not understand what being a Presudent means and cannot see the whole Nigeria as his constituency, treat all Nigerians equally, treat all regions fairly and values all lives.

So far, Buhari has not demonstrated that he has the broadmindedness, and sensitivity required for the position he occupies.

He demonstrates no sensitivity and initiative in the face of tragedy and terror, when the victims are not from his primary constituency.

He has been unable to exclude his ethnic and religious prejudices in his decision makings and perception.

All his service chiefs are from the north. This demonstrate his total lack of trust on those who are neither from the north nor are Muslims.

When NYSC members from Igbo states serving in Katsina visited the president. Instead of Buhari seeing them as Nigerian youth, he saw them as IPOB sympathisers. This is something no clued up president would do.

During his watch, Shia Muslims have been subjected to persecution, which no group should ever be subjected to in a democracy.

Hundreds of Shia Muslims have been killed and many of their leaders imprisoned without trial.

He sent soldiers to vandalise Nnamdi Kanu’s Father’s compound and ensured their disappearance and killing of many IPOB members. At the same time he is using the court to put pressure on those who stood bail for Nnamdi Kanu to produce him, when he was the person who sent the soldiers who are responsible for his where about.

Buhari seeks to covert every problem into an arm conflict so that he can shoot his way through o


He has stood by as Fulani herdsmen conduct ethnic cleansing of many Nigerian villages and kill at will without consequences. No honest Presudent will tolerate and defend armed terrorists, who are killing innocent citizens simply because they share the same ethnicity and their victims are from different ethnic group.

Buhari has failed to say that it is unacceptable and wrong for herdsmen to graze their cattle on farms because the herdsmen are his kinsmen.

He has not condemned the take over of many ethnically cleansed villages in Benue State and southern Kaduna by Fulani herdsmen.

He has treated Boko Haram members better than their victims. Several families who have lost loved ones and properties have not been compensated, but he spends millions on Boko Haram prisoners. Buhari rewards terrorists and persecuted peaceful agitators.

In attempt to distract from his incompetence and utter hopelessness of his administration, president Buhari is saying he supports state police without making any coherent argument on why state police is the best way to take policing forward in Nigeria and end endemic corruption, which is at the root of its problem.

Buhari does not understand democracy, the rule of law, and administration of the constitution in a multiethnic nation and he cannot govern as a democrat.

It would seem that he believes that governing is like commanding a troop, where the general gives orders and dispenses favours.

He does not appear to understand how to empower institutions and neither demonstrated that he understands nor respects institutional autonomy.

He puts his convictions and beliefs over and above the law and constitution, which is why he ignored federal character enshrined in the constitution in his appointments.

Under his watch his kinsmen from all over west Africa have been emboldened and have turned Nigeria into a killing field in the pursuit of their domination agenda, under the pretence of looking for grazing grounds for cows.

He has also further worsened the state of Nigerian inter ethnic relations by his indifference to those who pay the blood price of Fulani herdsmen terrorism and discriminatory policy of 5% 95%.

He has undermined the confidence of people in the judiciary by appointing mainly judges from the north, who are guided by the sharia in their dispensation of justice.

We are seeing the result of the appointment of Northerners into all importance position in their inability of the appointees to perform.

The list is endless. Why should any sane people think of re-electing such a person as a leader? Of course, the Fulanis will want him to continue so that they can continue their Jihad, but should we acquiesce with them? No.


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