Rehashing the Failed APC Propaganda Machine: The Daily Trust Misadventure. By Simeon Nwakaudu

In the run up to the 2015 General Elections, the All Progressive Congress (APC) hired a vicious media propaganda team with the objective of misleading Nigerians, planting concocted stories about opponents and destroying the foundations of the growth of Nigeria.

They achieved this ugly goal. Through high level political blackmail and propaganda, the APC was able to gain control of the Federal Government, majority of states and the National Assembly.

One of the key tools in the APC Propaganda Machine ahead of the 2015 General Election and in 2018 is Daily Trust Newspaper.

This newspaper was key to plunging Nigeria to the cesspit of unprecedented under-development, economic failure, widespread insecurity and national disunity.

The lies and concocted features and reports churned out by the likes of Daily Trust, reflect the failure of traditional journalism in today’s Nigeria. The reason why several Nigerians doubt reports and features from certain national newspapers.

In a week when millions of Nigerians from all walks of life are crying over the total collapse of security and the nationwide loss of lives, Daily Trust chose to focus on Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike of Rivers State, PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus and Former Rivers State Governor, Dr Peter Odili. A clear political agenda of ignoble foundation.

The Big Story of Daily Trust of Sunday 18th February, 2018 titled: “How Wike, Secondus, Odili Run PDP “, is an irresponsible, reckless and ridiculous attempt by the Pro-APC Newspaper to distract that attention from the failures of the government they joined the cable in foisting on Nigeria.

It is necessary to call out Daily Trust and any other Pro-APC Newspaper that would tow this line of misinformation, concoction and deliberate falsehood. As Nigerians, we are equal stakeholders in this country. We can no longer stay quiet while anti-Nigerian elements sit in their offices to cook features simply because they work to promote the interest of the APC.

The concocted feature: “How Wike, Secondus, Odili Run PDP ” had three unfortunate riders that were not backed by any facts or investigation.

The riders: “Hawk Presidential Ticket “, “Rivers Government House now a Political Shrine ” and “Their Influence A Headache–Party Chieftain “, revealed the intention of Daily Trust. Which is to use their medium to malign the person of Governor Wike by portraying him as a trader of PDP Presidential Ticket.

As I read through, the piece, it was obvious that it was a panicky attempt to stop the process for changing a failed APC Federal Government, where Daily Trust has very high stakes.

Governor Wike is a pro-Nigeria politician who is committed to rebuilding the country. Working with other patriotic leaders who are members of the PDP, Governor Wike is investing time and energy towards returning the country to the path of growth.

Nigerians now understand the game that the APC used Daily Trust and other APC media associates to play in 2015. This trick will no longer work.

Moreover, Governor Wike is not moved by political blackmail and propaganda. The task to redeem Nigeria is a solemn one. Name calling and lies by Daily Trust and other APC partners will not stop the APC from tasting defeat in 2019.

Close to three years after the APC emerged, the party has not recorded any meaningful achievements. It has found solace in re-comissioning projects commissioned by previous administrations. The failures of the administration are known. This is not a medium to recount them.

Like I said in the recent past, Governor Wike will come under vicious attacks by enemies of Nigeria and friends of APC. They will spin all manner of lies and desperately try to generate negative publicity against Governor Wike. But they have failed and will continue to fail.


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