The Devil is most successful amongst people who believe he does not exist.

That is the situation around this debate of whether or not there are Masters and Slaves in the Nigeria of now.

Those who reduce everything to spurious academic arguments and vacuous postulations are at liberty to amuse themselves but there are some of us who already have the monster enslaving Eastern Nigeria in a pinfall and chokehold and there will be no letting until that monster is fully dead and interred, thereby freeing its many Captives starting with Eastern Nigeria.

That monster is called “One-Nigeria”.


In the very week of Independence in 1960, as the rest of Nigeria popped champagne, especially in the South, the then Premier of the Northern Region, Ahmadu Bello Declared to his lieutenants as follows:

“The new Nation called Nigeria should be the ESTATE of our Great-Grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must RUTHLESSLY prevent the CHANGE of POWER. We use the Minorities of the North as WILLING-TOOLS and the South as a Conquered Territory and NEVER ALLOW THEM TO RULE OVER US, and never allow them have CONTROL over their future”

(Reported in the Parrot Newspaper of 12th October, 1960),

Those who did not know or understand how both Nigeria and its Eastern Region got to where we are now, should take the quote above as the Oracle, to decipher same.

Nigeria as currently defined and Configured under the Unitarist 1999 Constitution, is the Private Estate of the Political Descendants of Ahmadu Bello. That Estate was the very one bought by t the British Crown from Taubman Goldie’s Royal Niger Company in 1900 for the sum of £865,000.

It was the same Estate that Secretary for the Colonies, Lord Harcourt, through Lugard, handed over to the well-behaved Northern Youth in the 1914 Annexation of the South to the North in an exercise tagged Amalgamation.

It was that 1914 Grand Bequest to the North that Ahmadu Bello was Celebrating with his lieutenants in October 1960.

It is the protection of that Private Estate that has been the central target and theme of ALL the Decrees-turned Constitutions by which Nigeria is defined and managed since 1966.

Those from the East, especially the Intelligentsia, who claim to be looking for solutions to a problem they do not understand are very much like that doctor who seeks to cure a life-threatening ailment he has not properly diagnosed. The patient will die. It is that simple.

The Master-Servant Nigeria we have in place now resulted directly from the full execution of that 1960 Mission Statement and Battle Script of Ahmadu Bello.

The 3.5 Million deaths in the Battlefield called “Biafra” 1967-1970, including the over 2million children who were starved to death, died from the RUTHLESSNESS that was required to PREVENT a change of power.

The WILLING-TOOLS of the Middle-Belt, deployed by the Caliphate, to go and do the bulk of the killings in Biafra included the such yamheads as Yakubu Gowon and Theophylus Danjuma, whose ancestral homes are today occupied and put under the siege of their erstwhile Caliphate Principals and Partners in the crime of Genocide.

The Conquered Territory is the East and West of Southern Nigeria.

From the East, 3 million Barrels of Crude is taken daily and we now know from the Senate who and who, OWN the oil acreages.

From the West, the proceeds from the Lagos Ports which today, sum up in excess of N2Trillion annually, is collected strictly by the Fulani Owners or does anyone here think it is by accident that from Independence to date, not one substantive Comptroller-General of Customs could be found from anywhere else outside the Caliphate-North? The landlord collects his rent.

The road that runs from the front of Bonny Camp to Eko Hotel is called “Ahmadu Bello Way”. Has someone not dipped his Quran into the Atlantic Ocean from the Ilorin where their British Partner-in-Crime met them?

Let those who wish to learn find out the when, the how and the who which together produced the naming of that last piece of tarred firm land abutting the Atlantic after “Ahmadu Bello”.

The making between 1966 and 1999 of what we now bandy around as “1999 Constitution” was done by various Decrees issued by the Political Scions of Ahmadu Bello, with every one of them playing exactly within the Role and Status assigned his Territory in the 1960 Battle Script.

The 68-Item Federal Exclusive List that seize and confiscate ALL major Economic Assets and the right to work them, from the actual owners, vesting same in the so-called “Federal Government”, are acts of Conquest.

The 36-States/774LGs Structure of Nigeria which effectively reduced the Igbo from the over 70% Control of Nigeria at Independence to the negligible political minority of today, was wrought by the Decrees of the political Scions of Ahmadu Bello.

Ironsi and Abiola got killed because it was an abomination in the sight of the Caliphate for the Slave to rule over the House of his Master.

Goodluck Jonathan was saved by God after committing the same “sacrilegious” crime and we all saw how he was hounded out by the political descendants of Ahmadu Bello. The Slave must know his place. That seems to be the overall message.

The adamant refusal of the Caliphate hawks of the North to accept the life-or-death prescription of Restructuring for terminally- ill Nigeria is in keeping with the NEVER ALLOW THEM TO HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR FUTURE ordinance.

There are some untrained eyes here who would say “Oh, but was it not Obasanjo that did this and that in the long list of the evils enumerated?.

The answer is that there is the Office of the Head-Slave which takes the scrutiny of the trained eye to distinguish from that of the Master or his Princes.

Obasanjo had been holding that Office and I have had to point this out in public a number times when our confused compatriots who have great book knowledge come pointing towards Otta instead of Sokoto.

They fail to recall that on a certain day in February 1976, shortly after the Butcher of Asaba named Murtala Mohammed, then Head of the Nigerian State, died most deservedly from the hail of hot bullets at the peak of his glory, there was a Lieutenant-Colonel named Shehu Yar’Adua who was promoted Major-General and made Chief of Staff at the Supreme Headquarters and who was, on behalf of the Caliphate, the effective power behind the Throne in the 1976-1979 interregnum of the Head Slave, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Today, this moronic jester of a Head-Slave, leads a column of other mockers, including the Husband of a she-Awolowo, (who pretend to hold the rudder of the Nigerian State as Acting President), to go Shehu Yar’Adua Center in Abuja, to dance on the grave of the 3.5million Biafra Dead, celebrating their unpunished Genocide, 50 years after their crime.

It is atrocious that there are Igbo sons and daughters, promoting this desperate and despicable attempt to publicly bury Biafra, as the resurgent Ghost of Biafra seems to be on a ferocious gyration around Nigeria, tormenting the guilty genocidists (of which Obasanjo is one) and tearing the dying Nigeria at the seams.

I recall that the day this “Abuja” edition of Biafra@50 was first advertised, I raised a red flag where I had suggested that I would not be surprised if Gowon and Danjuma turn up to be the Chief-Celebrants at the Event. Is that alarm not vindicated now?

Regarding the Motives behind this very “Abuja” Biafra@50, I had in support of my red Flag, given the parable of the burning market and the variegated missions of those who rush to the scene, all pretending to be sympathizers and helpers, seeking to put out the fire and salvage goods for the owners. In reality, Some go in to loot vaults and safes; Some go in to Salvage goods for themselves; Some go in to ensure complete raze-down.

From where I stand in the raging Debate over the Nigeria Question, I say without equivocation, that the “Abuja” Biafra@50 Event happening today May 25th 2017, is not a celebration of Biafra as the Organizers dressed it to look.

It is a desperate enemy action, aimed at exorcizing the Ghost of Biafra for final interment.

But I also assure the Abuja Celebrants that the real soul-lifting, forward looking Celebrations are going on amongst the millions of the survivors of that Genocide and that their gathering in Abuja today is also being mocked across the length and breadth of the Lower Niger, as the funeral of the dead Nigeria which they tried to erect on the pool of the blood of 3.5 Million Biafrans.

By the time the time the dust settles from these two Different Celebrations, Millions of the real Celebrants will joint the Great Griot, Chinua Achebe to declare that “THERE WAS A COUNTRY”.

Tony Nnadi




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