I brought it to the attention of PDP chairman Prince Uche Secondus on his facebook page, the need to stop APC from registering minors for the 2019 election and the need for PDP to use the 2014 Confab report as a tool for campaign.

Now, over 40 million votes has been secured for PMB by INEC before the 2019 elections via registration of minors and foreigners.

This will deal a devastating blow on the opposition in the coming elections if nothing is done about it.

Yes, Prince Uche Secondus condemned the non-inclusive 8 man panel set-up by INEC to investigate the registration of minors, but that is not enough. There should be an organized nation-wide protest against that panel.

The panel should comprise of the INEC officials , Various Party representatives, Private sector representatives and Foreign representatives, inorder to reflect transparency.

It might be hard to fish out foreigners, but it is much easier to fish out minors, thereby reducing the electoral fraud.

They say PMB is a corruption fighter, a honest and transparent leader… i dont think he is that transparent and honest when it comes to corrupt practices that will enhance his ambitions.

They said 500 billion was wasted by PDP in 16 years of governance… I do not dispute their claims, but what i ask and will always ask is that, “Are the perpetrators of the waste not among APC stalwarts now”

The supposed 16 years of wasted spending and no development at all had;

*Gov. El-Rufai

*Rotimi Amaechi



*Olusegun Obasanjo (Defected)

*APC Senators & Reps


All these and many others were part of the supposed waste and they are in APC to continue the waste.

40 billion dollars in our foreign reserve and the economy is still in shambles. The growth of any economy is not only measured by the progress in the index market. To be funny, Not all Nigerians buy or sell in the index market, but all Nigerians buy or sell in Oshodi Market, Agege Market, Alaba Market, Aba and Onitsha Market etc…The prices of goods there should be the panacea for judging our hopeless economy. The laity cant eat good three square meals. People live on less than a dollar per day. Suicide everywhere, ritualists on the increase, sales of body parts for money (Kidneys, livers), Fraudsters everywhere, in the quest to survive.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…THIS MENACE MUST STOP. IT IS TIME TO PROTEST AGAINST INEC SUPPORTED ELECTORAL MALPRACTICE.. All well wishers of Nigeria should stand up for what is right. They said “Change begins with you” but it is clear that APC are not included in it… THERE IS NO BETTER CHANGE THAN A CHANGE OF BAD GOVERNMENT. LETS DO IT TOGETHER….


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