IT IS TIME! – A call to the youths of Nigeria… (Part 1)


Dear citizens of Nigeria, today, we have come to announce to you the commencement of a new era. We have come to let you know that, the generation we have been waiting for has arrived.

The hour is now upon us to query the conditions of our polity. As we do this, we must consider how we began our journey and be brave enough to chart a better course where we find necessary. This is the most crucial time in the life of our nation and, whatever we decide now may well determine our trajectory and our future.

As we proceed, let us keep in mind the age-long words of our leaders and our teachers, many of whom are still around since our nation’s declaration of independence. They often refer to us as, “the leaders of tomorrow”. These prophetic words have continued to be sung out loud from them to us even as we have become dependable adults and they have naturally become senior citizens. Nonetheless, they will always remain our fathers and our mothers and, we must always honour them. But the time has come for us to take-over the reins of leadership and do better.

We must quickly come together now in true brotherliness and as one determined people. This is the time to reconstruct parts of our broken foundation and dismantle other parts where it has become necessary to do so. We must begin to commit ourselves to true advancement of our people and our nation. The situation is very urgent because, Nigeria is falling.

Make no mistake about our mission; the COUNCIL OF SEVEN has not come to merely test its popularity, we are here for serious business. We have not come to be blinded by sentiments. No! We have not come to enthrone nepotism nor allow the reign of mediocrity. Even so, we have not come to disregard the less privileged. But we have come to give voice to the voiceless, to lift the hopes of the downtrodden and restore confidence in hard working people in our society. We have come to establish appropriate standards of doing things and ensure that excellence succeeds and thrives.

In having our brotherly intentions paramount, we must courageously appreciate those who have led us for many decades and let them know that it is now time for them to have their rest. Whether they still doubt our capacity to lead or not, the result will be evident in our performance in office because that is the only time that they can really know what we can do.

If our desire is truly to create a better society for our generation and for future generations, then the youths cannot afford to be on the sidelines any more. We must be bold. Yes! We must be of good courage. Everyone has to be involved in this movement for our true liberty. What our country needs more than ever is, creativity, innovation and good governance. So, let us quickly come together now as a group and work with unstoppable determination to take over the reins of power by 2019.

We must be prepared now to compose ourselves into a momentum of history and cause the quick shift to a new paradigm that will advance our nation for good.

Now is the time to re-energize our confidence because we are the expected ones. The world has been waiting for this generation of Nigerians to appear on the scene, and now we are here. So let every Nigerian man and woman, young and old, begin to converge as one group, being of one mind with the purpose of ensuring that we take-up the mantle of leadership and move Nigeria to true greatness.

This is a clarion call. This is the time for the youths of our generation to rise up. The time has come for us to move and do what is necessary to uplift our nation and not just sit down and complain only. We are being called into a season when the mighty rain of purity shall come down to cleans our fertile land and ready it again for a great harvest.

At this defining moment, we must decide what we think is best for us. Do we get ourselves ready to bring about a new kind of leadership by a generation of vibrant and knowledgeable youths, who possess smart vision with proactive inclinations, or do we continue with the unproductive experience of the old?

We are the COUNCIL OF SEVEN, and our assignment has started.

May God help us, and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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