IT IS TIME! A call to the youths of Nigeria… (Part 2)


As we get ready to embark on this mission to create a better society, let us consider what we have been told; it has been said that, there is a national cake big enough to go round and that everyone could get a piece of it. However, it would be wise for us to demonstrate an informed sense and not deceive ourselves into thinking that the national cake is big enough for everybody. The truth is that, the cake will not be enough because, it is exhaustible.

Our country’s unpleasant situation at the moment is testament that, the national cake, which was baked since 1960, has been wastefully diminished. What we must do now is, to introduce a new arrangement that will allow us to have robust economic cakes which must, at any given time, represent a surplus of the valuable sum-yield of every sector of the economy. This will be brought about by an efficient economic system that ceaselessly supplies more – and more – of what we need, both for our local consumption and for trade. This will sustain our people; it will grow our economy and ensure our national development.

In due course, our impetus to disband the current deficient, yet prevailing socio-economic order will be because it has not served us well and, it is killing our nation.

The Council of Seven is convinced that, it has become in the best interest of our generation to quickly reform our foundation and make it stronger and more suitable for everyone. It will profit us better, therefore, to restructure this country into geo-political regions that will be deeply connected to each other and be their brother’s keepers.

The regions will be linked by complementarities that will help form the basis for sustained, beneficial partnerships on different levels of development. This will press us to use our resources optimally and manage our economy efficiently. Our system will become a harmonized union that will engender quicker and better development in the interest of every citizen and for our collective good.

We perceive that, building a proper foundation may not really matter to those who seek to play their regular, self-serving politics that impoverish us the more, but have in mind that, a proper and solid foundation will surely improve the living conditions of the suffering masses and will certainly serve in sustaining the wellbeing of future generations.

As we begin this forward march into a future of immense promise, the Council of Seven is mindful of the fact that, there are negatives which hinder our national unity. And these elements have given rise to a structural uneasiness that frustrates our harmony. But, no matter how intractable these problems may seem, rest assured that we are poised to deal with them competently. This is because; we now clearly understand these troubles as they emanate from our ethnic differences and other areas of our national life.

Let it be known to everyone that, we have been unnecessarily slowed down for too long due to the extractive manner of our leadership since 1960, and more so, because of the artificially created, infantile suspicion of our ethnic differences. But this time, we can all respectfully come together, and in sincerity say, ENOUGH!

We urge you to believe us when we say that, the light is very bright at the end of the tunnel because, our consciousness has been better enlightened. The Council of Seven has witnessed the power which we possess as a people, and we must not give it away just because of some ethnically prejudiced stories passed on from the outgoing generation to this present one. They were ill-fated stories initially concocted out of unfounded fears and doubts about the sincerity of our co-habiting neighbours. These were later carried on in the bid to impress upon our minds the impossibility of being as one entity.

Today, as children of this present generation, we must take it upon ourselves to demonstrate our specialness and the power which we have resting in the harmony of our joint efforts. We may have originated differently, but we have long evolved into a unique blend of special differences that could be collectively charged into an awesome force for great economic prosperity.

Let us be aware that, there are many beautiful minds of Nigerian descent, from all our ethnic groups, who are scattered all over the world making wonderful contributions to other nations’ economies. And also, here at home, we have great minds that could do better when they come together with those in diaspora and combine special ideas to bring about a profiting synergy.

Dear fellow citizens, we must urgently allow the brokenness within us to begin to heal so that we can sit down together in sincerity and genuinely address our fundamental needs. Then, we can proceed to select the best of what we have and build them together into a unified and formidable force for a better future.

The world has been expecting our greatness for so long, yet, important things are dying in our hands and profitable innovations are not deeply rooted in our land. A lot has been wasted, things are falling apart and time is not waiting for us.

Our situation is more worrisome because Nigeria is a one-dimensional economy with an excessively unwise, near sole-dependence on crude oil while other very profitable natural resources and other sectors of our economy like agriculture, human capital development, manufacturing and disciplined services are largely ignored.

In a few years from now, the sale of crude oil is projected to crash irredeemably, yet, Nigeria is still busy spending hard earned foreign exchange in exploration missions, mainly for more oil wells, without considering serious investment in more scientific and technological research to find sustainable ways to grow our economy and bring about more meaningful development.

Considering our current ill conditions, it has become clear that, we must urgently reset this nation and begin the strategic building of functional structures, effective institutions and the right attitudinal conditions necessary to convert our resource endowments and our national size into high level gains. And for this to be more meaningful, it must go hand in hand with a multidimensional processing of our development.

At this exceptional time, we now stand faced-to-face with another opportunity; to engineer a new society that will possess the capacity to engage a new development frontier and enable us feed our people adequately. And, we will be able to export our surplus to feed Africa and the rest of the world from the ever replenishing stock of our new possibilities. This is the future that is presenting itself to serve our humanity and we must move to take hold of it now.

We are the COUNCIL OF SEVEN, and our assignment has started.

May God help us, and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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