IT IS TIME! A call to the youths of Nigeria… (Part 3)



As we deliberate with our peers in seeking solution to the Nigerian problem, we have been asked by cynics to stop wasting our time. They say that, the youths will never be allowed to administer governance to this nation, that it will always be an elusive opportunity. But we will not allow the cynics’ opinions become our reality. Our destiny is in our own hands.

Let us decide now that, we will no longer agree to remain stagnated nor pushed backwards by old, retrograde ideologies. We are now required to move forward with progressive conceptions and a renewed sense of possibility to fulfill our manifest destiny.

The hour is truly upon us now to begin the important assignment of rebuilding our nation and position it on the proper path for increase and prosperity. Therefore, let us awaken our minds and our hearts from unproductive slumber. We must hurry to our feet again. We must pick up what is left of our values and begin to march forward.

As a citizen of this country, you are urgently needed to make your own personal statement by joining your efforts to this cause. In this bid to bring about the country of our dreams, we call on you, people who love our fatherland, to make quick efforts to join the movement led by the NIGERIAN CITIZENS LEAGUE (NCL). This organization is the vehicle that will take us to the destination where we can build a nation that will be the envy of the whole world.

We ask you to take this message to your friends and neighbours; post it to all your contacts and place it on all platforms or chat groups that you participate in. Let us all connect with one another because, it has become imperative for us to build a strong bond of tremendous power for our breakthrough to happen surely. It must be victory for every citizen.

We call on all citizens to stand firm with us and not lose hope. As we prepare to move away from our sad situation into a brilliant future, let us rest assured of victory over adversity for the dawn of glory shall unfold over a new Nigeria.

We are the COUNCIL OF SEVEN, and our assignment has started.

May God help us, and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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