A message for elusive Igbo self hate advocates.

You may have heard it in one way or the other; the Igbos are not united, the Igbos hate each other Again, wnd endless negative vibes and jibes from some of the Igbos who are either acting out of ignorance or simply playing to the gallery to win acceptance and preserve his interest, (whatever that may be).

But in reality what we have is over extrapolation on the negative side and it is wrong. Where Igbos did what is right and noble by all acceptable standard measures across the world they blame them for not playing a tribal card like their contemporaries. Like Zik and Awo, where Awo focused on the Yoruba tribe while Zik focused on one Nigeria. Not a bad thing but bad for the unique Nigerian set up. I read recently about Senator Ken Nnamani (Not a fan of his) now being blamed for not allowing third term to get the 6th state for the SouthEast. Some people point at the bitter fight before the states creation was achieved, as if others kissed each other and the states emerged.

Now in recent times some Igbos resolved to play strictly pure tribal and sectional politics in Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB . Focusing on the Igbos and seeking for self determination. That too was resisted as being inconsistent with the Igbo inherent nature.

During the Abiola struggle to regain his so called Mandate, his kins men were the major opposition that paid solidarity visit to Abacha. Yet, it is hardly mentioned instead they buried it and take advantage of the Abiola trivials to gain political piwer. In the North, it was during Shagari administration that the case of Shugaba Rhaman who was deported for trumped reasons happened and Balarebe Musa was impeached in Kaduna. How come this has not taken the center stage as basis of defining the North? It was not the Igbos that caused their problems, it was their fellow Northerners.

Let me even ask; is there any Igboman or woman here that cannot step into their village and place of birth?? It is not so with so many ethnic groups we are referencing as great people. Even Abiola could not dare attempt building in his home town in Ogun state. Find out why before collecting the title of evil on our behalf.

So what is it? till today, one of the reasons proffered for Igbo resentment is that we come into something and we dominate, and how does that domination happen? Not from one person as a tree does not make a forest. It happens by one Igbo seeing opportunity and alerting and aiding his kins men to come and partake and take advantage of such opportunities that may be lying fallow and untapped.

Who else, or which other tribes can pull this off? They only do that in the federal allocation to keep Igbos and South South people away.

Politically and the way Nigeria is structured there must be stiff competition among the Igbos. It is simply inevitable. And that is not hate like many habe said; it is competition that has so trained us that others are no match at all.

A situation where say 20 slots are allocated to each state based on certain qualifications; and then in a given state in the North maybe, just may be, less than 10 may qualify, leaving the other 10 slots unfilled for that state right? Then come down to our Igbo states; Imo alone by qualification will have 200 people to fill that same 20 slots asigned to them by our dysfunctional system. Anambra will produce same and Enugu, Abia and Ebonyi. So it does not take special knowledge to predict the outcome or how things will play out. The same scenario is what plays out all over and in all areas that involve some kind of collectivism in the name of one Nigeria including politics.

This is what some of us are attempting to sell to us as self hating.

Not minding that if one continue to beat their chest in self pity or empty boast, they may inadvertently point and direct the evil spirit where the heartbeat of their life lies.

Please can anyone show us that utopian tribe or ethnic group? They simply do not exist. The day the Nigerian water will run low we shall see those that are swimming naked.

To borrow former President Ronald Reagan’s remarks about America, when so many Americans just like some of us here are making a career out of telling us how we hate ourselves and others as if we have no real ability to know what hate is.

Reagan said with a patriotic zeal; double our problems, No! triple or quadruple it; we are still a whole lot better than most people in the world. America’s better days are ahead he will always add in conclusion.

I stand here to assert and tell us that we are incredibly good people. Yes, we have our faults, we have our short comings, but give and take, a people that bind together and supported each other through one of the greatest man inhumanity to man, through genocidal civil war and global blockade can never be said to hate each other. Even after the war, the few that found their bearing early and quickly enough helped to pull others from the rubbles of the devastated and shattered environment of the war and the well orchestrated economic policies aimed at completely keeping them in pepertual comatose. But again the Igbos love for one another driven by “Onyeaghana’Nwanneya” informed them to yet again pull one of the greatest come back stories ever recorded in human history.

They rebuilt their environment and in no time the same people that were racing with all the advantages and privileges while Igbos were trying to over come Kwashiokor and the psychological trauma from the war, looked behind in whatever they think they’ve achieved and the Igbos were not too far behind, today they are struggling to even remain competitive.

I took time to go into details here because it offends the spirit and discourage so many when the story of our lives is told from a snipet of negative attribute or isolated actions. The Igbo story is much more than the drum beat of the self hate advocacy. The facts and reality simply do not support that.

Chris O.Maduka


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