Update on the “OBLONG 2019” campaign.

My dear friends, associates, peers, family and constituents,

Over the past 17 years, i have received several calls from various friends and political leaders urging me to translate my almost extreme passion for politics, social media activism, mass education and social enlightenment into service to the people by running for office. Some have urged me to run for governorship, some for senate, federal house and even state house elections.

After prayerful consideration and family discussions, i have decided to accept this challenge before me, by running for the House of Representatives seat to represent Owerri federal constituency of Imo State Nigeria.

Being actively involved in activism and politics since the late nineties, i have decided to create effective change from the PDP platform of which i have been a member since 1999.

I have worked via the social media for my party and also for candidates with credible appeal using my various platforms with the hope of effecting change at the federal, the state and the local government levels for the overall benefit of my people.

My family, friends, peers, close confidantes and i, now feel that the time has come for me to offer myself as a servant in the public arena. I am convinced that my election into office will give my passion for activism a voice backed with the force of law, to bring some of those common sense ideas straight from the people to the House of Representatives.

As you may well know, I have been actively involved in creating political and social awareness via the social media since the advent of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other platforms.

Through my activism and working with various political, civil liberties and good governance pressure group forums in various advisory and curriculum committees and in other capacities, i feel i have made some progress, but uhuru is still not in plain sight.

My aim is to bring political awareness, masses education and rural basic infrastructural development, empowerment and employment to the forefront of the issues. I believe there are very workable solutions that will turn around the standard of living and life expectancy of my people. I would like to see my constituency return to emphasizing academics and creativity rather than attitudes and social agendas.

As you can see, I am excited and motivated at the possibility of being given the opportunity of serving the people of my great constituency. But before I can actualise this service, i must conduct a very aggressive and expensive campaign. My opponents are quite comfortable with this unusual campaign mode as they are mostly former government officials with acquired financial muscle and contacts. Some have served as special advisers to governors while other have served as executive LGA chairmen and state house members.

Due to the layout of this large constituency and the cost to campaign all round the territory, it promises to be a Herculean task albeit not insurmountable. This is one more reason I feel strongly that i need the support of likeminds in the constituency to surmount this task.

To be successful in this endeavor, i will need the tacit support of a very strong, committed, battle ready and dedicated grass roots organisation in view of the nature of our local politics. I believe the voters of the constituency will step forward with me in a united combined effort to protect our votes at the booth level and ensure my victory at both the primaries and the polls.

The delegates, whoever they are supposedly beholden to, have the capacity to shun money politics and work with me towards ensuring quality representation for our constituency by voting to elect their own and not be directed as was hitherto customary.

With thousands of Posters to print, scores of billboards and banners to order, scores of radio ads to place, and 33 wards in three LGAs to cover, i will need help. I am turning to the people who have known me the longest, who know me best, and humbly inviting you to get involved in my campaign and help make a difference.

Your early contribution, will give our race a tremendous boost right out of the starting block.

Your support will help me raise the vital “early seed money” I need to successfully launch this campaign and be prepared to clinch the party primaries.

With your financial and moral support invested, you can then truly say this this is your candidate and i in return, will be both morally and constitutionally accountable to you my constituents in every sense of the word. For the first time in Nigerian history, a candidate would be sponsored to the federal house in true western democratic fashion by the people.

My goal is to raise contributions of cash, services and logistics by August and I humbly ask for your support in helping me rise to this great challenge.

Help me in my bid to restore common sense to Owerri federal constituency representation and politics.

Thanks in advance for your encouragement, generous support, and prayers.

My family, my supporters and i are all grateful for your friendship, motivation, support and encouragement.

Wishing you abundant blessings as we work together for our mutual benefit in the months and years ahead.

Please inbox me for further details.

Yours faithfully

Duruebube Chimazuru “Oblong” Nnadi-Oforgu.


2 thoughts on “Update on the “OBLONG 2019” campaign.

  1. Seriously? Then come. We will give you 100% support. Call me on 08030523899. Okechukwu Onyenwe. I will do the writings and media campaign for you only sponsor me. Anything writing, Iam very much up to the task. My brother carry on.


  2. I am with you 100%!! You have proven, over the years, that you are capable to handle the task at hand. We hunger good, strong and sincere leadership and I strongly believe you are the one that can do it. Ebube, we appreciate you and all you do! #oblong2019


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