Rochas Okorocha’s Political Down Fall And Archbishop Anthony Obinna (Karma At Work) By Rev Mbaka

The attack on the Catholic Bishop of Owerri Diocese,Archbishop Anthony Obinna by thugs of the Imo State governor is no doubt sacrilegious and highly condemnable.

However a public Affairs commentator, kwento Maduabuchi has described it as karma at work.

According to report in an interview with kwento he said, that both the Archbishop and Okorocha are reaping what they sowed by spreading fake news that Mr Ikedi Ohakim as Imo state governor flogged and detained a catholic priest.

He said, when Ikedi Ohakim was the governor of Imo State his power drunk dispatch riders forcefully evicted a catholic priest from the road where the governor was about to pass and detained him for one hour without the knowledge of the governor.

According to him, he said when Ikedi got wind of what happened, he quickly rushed to Bishop Obinna to apologize over the unfortunate incident but the man of God locked him out. All efforts made by the governor to explain the true situation of things to the clergy proved abortive as a standard order was given from the diocese that nobody should listen to him.

He added that false news that Ikedi flogged and detained a clergy began to spread until it filtered into the ears of Rev Mbaka who without any investigation turned it into a song which spread like wild bee.

During the governorship debate in Imo students of Imo state university were rented to boo the governor at the debate which he lost and also lost the election.

The public commentator said that after some months Mbaka did his investigation and found out that Ohakim never flogged the catholic priest and invited the formal governor to adoration ground and apologized to him.

At the Adoration ground Rev Mbaka clearly told Ohakim that those behind his travail ,the same thing would go back to them, even the Archbishop who refused to say the truth of what happened ,that Ohakim was no where near the scene of the arrest and detention of the priest.

He had specifically told the former governor that what they had measured to him would be measured back to them. Today what are we seeing in Imo state? The same Okorocha that hyped the false accusation and benefited from the evil plot is now attacking Bishop Obinna who knew the truth but refused to say it and as the evil plot led to Ohakim’s down fall, it would also lead to Rochas Okorocha’s political down fall


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