CHIBOK-DAPCHI: A Political Tomfoolery!

We have been depraved by the propaganda with which we built this administration. Governance is enamoured of deceit, and citizens’ gullibility elevated to a somewhat psychiatric display. How is it that 180 million Nigerians have lost the art of perceptiveness to the extent that we are sold to this Dapchi story? And that is in spite of the annoyingly ludicrous narrative that Chibok turned out to be: illiterate physics students, robust abduction returnees, venacular-speaking WASC candidates, military absenteeism on abduction date etc.

We believed these arrant dross. We shouted “bring back our girls”. The international community crested this belief with the vehemence with which it wanted Jonathan out of Aso Rock. Hurrah! It worked!

And we foisted an idiot; and he hoisted a radically irredentist flag of Fulani hues. Three years and we have been blood-letting and the cost of life of any non-Fulani counted for nothing in the sick minds of these marauding ogres. Even the Presidiot reminded us that his brothers killed in Yobe or Taraba are more than what we are noising about. Three years on, it’s been blood all over.

And another election is here. But it won’t be about removing Jonathan. The lying liars would have to spin their “mistake” back to the seat; and another lie would have to be insidiously couched to sustain the one that brought them to power. And do they need to look any further to see what worked?

Enter Part 2 of the abduction saga. Just that this time, Oby Ezekwesili won’t court the attention on their side, seeing that she is ensconced with her ” red card” and Aisha is rewardingly at the NPA dealing with Atiku’s INTELS so he does not garner enough financial muzzle to challenge the herdsman.

So, the narrative has changed. It is now about comparing situations. Since Chibok worked, another Chibok can similarly work to keep them there. So enters Dapchi. The same humongous number of students were ferried out, in a supposedly policed and militarised environment. Both security institutions are still having unintelligible telling tales of what happened. Wonder why they are not abducting male students, save l am told they are all doing “babi Allah” in their almajiri enclaves.

Now, the interesting part of this seriocomic “film” by these political nitwits. They have commenced a nauseating run in juxtaposing Jonathan’s approach with Chibok to Buhari’s with Dapchi. And instead of the fools to allow it play out, the President, with some haughty assurance emerging from a knowing script, boasts of how he will dust Jonathan’s Chibok effort with the recovery of the Dapchi girls.

To what does this add up? The return of the girls will be wickedly arranged so close to the presidential election. The propaganda machines will be arrayed to the efficiency and effectiveness of a Buhari regime; and the expected throwback of a political capital.

Will it work? To time we pass this to. And the perceptiveness of a waking populace; if and when they wake.


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