Update on the Oblong 2019 campaign.

For a candidate to win election in Nigeria, he/she must be prepared to spend lots of money. Money has long dominated our elections, and the problem is worsening. People spend unlimited sums of money in order to win the primaries and elections to the positions they are contesting for.

The major problem with money politics is that politicians psyche get corrupted because they are forced to invest by spending heavily for the primaries and during the campaigns and must recoup these moneys as soon as they get into position especially if money was borrowed or property was sold.

This ugly trend can also affect delivery of dividends of democracy, public policy and spending priorities. Politics in Nigeria becomes a business in which the contestant candidate invests during primaries and campaigns, and later recoups his investment after winning the election. Immediately they get elected, obviously, their agenda changes. They set out to take back what they spent during the campaigns, pay back their debts, replace what they had to sell and also make profit, before their tenure ends. And as we know, the ‘profit’ is usually many times more than the ‘investment’. At the middle of their tenure, they will now focus their attention on how to win election for the second term. At that time they will begin to express a fake interest in the welfare the Masses by doling out money and food items, but not doing anything meaningful that will help really develop their constituencies. Politicians use the opportunity at this times to deceive the masses and the poor masses assume that is the best they can expect from their representatives, bags of rice and a pittance to cap it up. If you are to juxtapose views of the both sides (politicians and masses), you will find that both of them have contributed a lot in escalating the problem.

History shows that Nigeria was not like this before. Our past leaders went into politics in those days to serve for development of the nation, not to just acquire money and enrich themselves. These are the type of leaders that we need in Nigeria and in our Owerri federal constituency today.

The most terrible problem with money politics is that it causes unemployment in the mind of our youth. It also affects development of the constituency and the nation in general, because people take politics as business not as something that will help in developing the constituency and the country in general. It causes crises and violence, among other problems. Looking at the present situation in Owerri federal constituency, it shows that we are very far left behind, economically, socially, morally as well as politically in the scheme of things and it is time to start thinking of new ways out of this problem.

The Owerre speaking people of Owerri federal constituency are a great and respectful people. Therefore we should do all we can to fight against this ugly trend by doing things differently.

Nde asusu Owerre should bear in mind that we must fight against purveyors of money politics because it will never lead us to progress and development.

We must endeavour to support candidates of our choosing without putting an enormous financial burden on them. We must try this time not to be deceived by candidates who have held positions in the past with no clear record of proper people oriented delivery of dividends, but want to be re-elected to higher position to amass more money by doling out money to again deceive the populace.

Potential Candidates should be allowed to address delegates in a fora and explain why they are better than the other without subjecting them to such touted huge financial strain.

I want to be the candidate who was sent forth and supported by the constituency and its delegates so that i can be morally, constitutionally and ethically beholden to serve you my people in every sense of the word.

Politicians throwing money around will not be beholden to you and will not give you full delivery of dividends of democracy because they can’t.

Let’s do things differently this time my people.

I have the requisite skills and street wisdom to ensure full delivery of whatever is due to the constituency from the federal government no matter at whose desk it is domiciled or the buck stops at and much much more.

This different way of doing things is especially and particularly pertinent as we approach the primaries and campaigns for the 2019 elections.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

Duruebube Chimazuru “Oblong” Nnadi – Oforgu

Aspirant for the Federal House of Representatives seat for Owerri federal constituency.


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